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Published on Fri, Oct 22, 2004

By: The LACar Editorial Staff



We at LA Car use some words and phrases far too much. Sometimes the repetition is unavoidable, and we apologize. However, we can never use the words Ferrari and Beverly Hills enough!

Can you blame us? We love 'em both. They embody the wealth, power and energy that is L.A. It seems fitting to have a presentation and delivery of the first Ferrari 612 Scaglietti at Beverly Hills Ferrari on Wilshire Boulevard, smack dab in the heart of the city. Where else do you find such a concentration of prancing horses on a daily basis?

Having Ferrari team director Jean Todt on hand only reinforces the corporate stand on marketing. "Racing is our advertising." How many other auto manufacturers can make that statement? While this town may not be the most in touch with the exploits of each and every car race, it certainly is tuned into the latest in sports cars. One quarter of the overall world supply of Ferraris make their home here.

It's little surprise that the first of these cars should come through the doors of Beverly Hills Ferrari. Not only do they host a bevy of autos from this brand and Maserati, they also know how to toast a launch with champagne and caviar. Looking out the front glass wall, I couldn't help but notice how many other Ferraris passed by in the course of an hour. They are seemingly indigenous, like palm trees in Hawaii or mosquitoes in Florida.

The 612 is a departure from the norm - at least what most would think of as an exotic sports car. Behind the front seats is room for a couple other people. And if the front seats are not placed too far aft, the passengers in the rear can enjoy a thrill ride for miles in relative comfort. I suspect being in the back seat is sort of like going to see your favorite movie and finding Shaq sitting in front of you. Speaking of oversized, the trunk is large enough for the luggage of most NBA players.

The 612 has a style all its own. It follows neither the balance nor the flow found in the 360, nor the extremism we see in the Enzo. While this car has the mechanics to be worthy of the Ferrari badge, it has the styling of a grand tourer. Lets face it, if you have ever driven in this city you realize that even moving along at touring speeds is reason to rejoice. Which brings us back to the whole question of why these cars are fast beyond what most of us can imagine (as we sit locked up in traffic thick as mud). So what motivates so many to buy these cars? The answer is simple: Even if you can't use them as you wish, the opportunity to own the best is what motivates. Beyond the basics, boats, clothes, jewelry, homes, or cars, are all means of expression.

The Ferrari 612 is just about the best means a driver and three friends could possibly have to cruise the streets of Beverly Hills. Sometimes it's not how fast you get there, but how you arrive that really matters. And when you show up in a 612, everyone knows that you've arrived. Indeed!

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