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The Recaro event

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Published on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

recARO LAAS - Mo Satarzadeh - The ID Agency
(Mo Satarzadeh - The ID Agency)

By John Grafman What attendees see at the LA Auto Show are cars, concepts, spokes, models, and people. Actually, about a million guests attend over the course of the show. No matter where you turn there’s another warm body. But, it’s after hours on the press days that the crowds thin out, and special events vie for the attention of VIPs. One of these soirees is being held at the J Lounge in Downtown. Recaro and sponsors are overtaking the bar inside and out. Generally, it doesn’t take much to convince us to attend an event with amazing cars and people. However, usually one doesn’t have to brave impending rain down the mean streets of L.A. on foot. But, no risk - no reward. In this case, we score on all accounts. Those that found their aftershow second wind and are lucky enough to have an invite get to mingle among numerous highly-acclaimed race and sports cars. It might be dark outside, but the courtyard is blazing with cars like Ken Block’s Ford, Puma Rallycross driver Bucky Lasek’s Subaru, D3’s tuned Cadillac CTS-V, a Hotchkis prepared 302 Mustang, an impressive RAUH-Welt Porsche, Tanner Foust’s Ford, as well as a fairly munched Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Sure, these look like the kick-ass cars, because these are! Fitted with Recaro sport seats, this ensemble is a bad-ass force to be reckoned with.

recARO LAAS - Mo Satarzadeh - The ID Agency
(Mo Satarzadeh - The ID Agency)

You might remember the Evo from the tumble it took down Pike’s Peak earlier this year taking Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov with it. Fortunately, both of those drivers survived and are here tonight to tell the tale. The car, as you might imagine, was fitted both with a roll-cage and of course those amazing Recaro seats. The cars scattered about have to share the drizzle filled limelight with extraordinary race drivers. Heating up the evening and mixing with guests are some of our favorite pros, Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Tommy Kendall and Bucky Lasek. And, complementing the stars is Markus Kussmaul, the Vice President of Recaro North and South America. This is a perfect event for unwinding, mixing, mingling, networking and glad-handing, as well as for gawking at cars. Plus, we get the chance to play with the latest Forza Horizon with a special Recaro Rush section, which works out well as we can’t drive the real things this evening. Most gearheads know that race cars on display typically run on high-octane. However, the guests are treated to Russian Standard vodka, and Plus Red Elixir. The night rolls on, and the guests are never out of fuel. That’s a good thing; as having the means without the energy isn’t going to win the day, not to mention any races!

recARO LAAS - Mo Satarzadeh - The ID Agency
(Mo Satarzadeh - The ID Agency)

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