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Published on Fri, Dec 2, 2005

By: The LACar Editorial Staff



Looking around me, I see everything from Elvis impersonators to tourists from Ohio. And it all just seems right. The party for the Lions Gate Films release of Streets Of Legend is a story that at its heart is timeless. It could unfold in a multitude of places when you get down to it. So a bash on the streets of Hollywood adjacent to the Mann's Chinese Theater is as fitting as any place.

Riding on the coattails of "The Fast and the Furious" is this independent picture combining street racing and a love triangle - a sure fire formula for some heated scenes. Unlike many a film riding the wave of the latest fade (be it surfing or street racing), this is a movie created by insiders. With such intimate participation in the culture and production of the movie, this one reminds me of another knock-out feature by the name of Rocky.

While the actual film will need to stand on its own merits, the gathering on Hollywood Boulevard gives us a glimpse at the inspiration for the movie. On hand are several cars from the production, reminding us that the lifestyle portrayed in "Streets Of Legend" radiates from the love of our cars - pushing them as well as ourselves to the limit.

The party, while modest, has the goods. Some sport compacts from the feature, along with music provided by Power 106, Robert Beaumont (playing lead character, Quattro), and a small mob of people make the most of a weekend day down in Hollywood.

Dotting the grounds are some of the usual suspects from Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, and Scion - with all manner of paint, carbon fiber, graphics, audio equipment, suspension lowering, wheels, tires, and interior treatments (not to mention the go-fast enhancements on the motors). This could easily be confused with a Hot Import Nights event on a smaller scale.

A mural of Hollywood's bygone days serves as a backdrop for the event. The mural reminds us that, in this town, an unknown can be tomorrow's superstar. Does "Streets of Legend" have what it takes to become a household name, or will it miss the shift? Well, the ticket for this is far less pricey than one from the California Highway Patrol, which makes it a far better bargain for the action and excitement this movie is boasting.

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