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Holman Moody’s 2014 TdF Mustang

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Published on Wed, May 22, 2013

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Holman Moody-prepared Mustangs win the touring class at the 1964 Tour de France Automobile

Production Begins on Holman & Moody 50th Anniversary TdF Mustang CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—When one hears the name Holman Moody, images of high performance Falcons, Galaxies, Cobras, Thunderbirds and Ford GT40s come to mind. While the name has been associated with a multitude of race vehicles, it’s never been attached to any production model—until now. Late last year, Holman & Moody announced that it would build a street legal high performance version of the Mustang to coincide with its 50th anniversary in 2014. Well, production of that vehicle has begun. In 1964, Holman Moody provided engines and performance upgrades for three red Mustang coupes that participated in the 4,000 mile long “Tour de France (TdF) Automobile” rally. The 10-day event consisted of 17 different stages of hill climbs, road races and laps at France’s most famous race courses, including Reims and Le Mans. The Mustangs competed in the Touring class against Jaguar Mk IIs and ended up finishing in first and second place. “We decided it was time to bring Holman & Moody and Ford back together, and with the 50th anniversary of the Tour de France win approaching, 2014 seemed to be the perfect time,” said Lee Holman, President of Holman & Moody, Inc. “We set out to create a unique post-title Mustang upgrade package, designed to commemorate the cars that won the 1964 race, with similar enhancements to the base Mustang.”

The 2014 Holman & Moody TdF Mustang under production

The 2014 Holman & Moody TdF Mustang The 2014 Holman & Moody TdF Mustang consists of a specially optioned Mustang GT, which is upfitted with a kit of Holman & Moody-specified parts, exclusive to this vehicle. The kit offers several levels of adjustability. The entire package can be installed post-title by a local Ford dealer, or it can be installed at the Holman & Moody shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. “This car was built to handle, we tried to keep it simple, we tried to keep it clear, we tried to keep it crisp. We designed the car so it can be driven on the street, but it can also be adjusted and driven on the track. With a starting price of $9,896.00, our base TdF kit is an affordable and effective upgrade to the already capable Mustang GT platform and consists of several exclusive items that are available only from Holman & Moody,” says Lee Holman. Production will be limited to 500 units and each car will receive a serial number plate and be entered into a Holman & Moody TdF Registry. For more information on the 2014 Holman & Moody TdF Mustang, go to


SPECIFICATIONS Name of vehicle: 2014 Holman & Moody 50th Anniversary Tour de France Mustang The TdF package includes: 5.0 liter 4 valve Ti-VCT V8, Ford Racing horsepower upgrade, Race Red exterior paint color, 3.73:1 limited slip differential, GT Track Package, SVT adjustable struts/shocks, progressive lowering springs, custom shifter ball, stainless steel tubular headers, Ford Racing sport mufflers, Ford Racing stainless steel X-pipe, high-flow K&N/Ford Racing air filter, uprated radiator for extra cooling, oil cooler, hmPerformance fully adjustable front and rear splined sway bars, 19-inch custom wheels designed and manufactured specifically for this car Optional Equipment Available: Roller bearing upgrades to replace urethane on sway bars, custom Holman & Moody embroidered Recaro seats Additional Features: Fully adjustable suspension allowing adjustments for road race, rally, autocross or commute without changing any components. Also gives the ability to corner balance the vehicle to accommodate passengers and driver or cargo, hand held ProCal OBD2 calibration tool for reprogramming PCM or reading codes, improved exhaust note and engine breathing, commemorative body stripe and badging, Holman & Moody embroidered carpeting, customized Holman & Moody TdF Mustang serial number plate, commemorative Holman & Moody TdF wall plaque, complimentary one-year membership to SVT Owners Association, exclusive access to tech support and forums, including access to engineers.


The 1964 “Tour de France Automobile” Rally The “Tour de France Automobile” rally was an automotive endurance race that began in 1899. The event occurred sporadically over 60 years, until becoming an annual race in 1959. At the time, it was the epitome of European motoring. Due to safety concerns, it was cancelled in 1986 and replaced with a rally for historic cars that ran at reduced speeds. Holman & Moody Holman & Moody was formed when the U.S. automobile manufacturers collectively decided to depart from racing in the late 1950s. John Holman and Ralph Moody formed the company and became involved with all of Ford’s racing efforts worldwide. In the 1960s, the Holman & Moody name was associated with racing technology as the company’s influence was felt across numerous sectors of automotive competition. Today, Holman & Moody operates a restoration and repair business in Charlotte, North Carolina, servicing vintage racecars and restoring collectible racers to original form. The company has also delved into the late-model world under the name hmPerformance, specializing in suspension upgrades for Ford vehicles.


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