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BMX at the 2013 ESPN X Games

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Published on Tue, Sep 24, 2013

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

BMX at the 2013 ESPN X Games (Grafman)

Story and pictures by John Grafman The BMX Street competition might take place on the same course as the street skating, but it’s worlds apart. The bottom line is, the faster pace of the bikes on this relatively flat surface feels more exciting. Hitting the ramps the BMX riders are getting higher in the air, and of course the spills are more spectacular as well. The mid-day sun beats down on the riders during the Saturday practice session, which is followed shortly afterwards by the final competition on this summer day. And while the elements might take their toll on weaker men, these riders give it their all, and show everyone why they are the best in the world. The format is two heats of five riders each jamming for 15 minutes. The two best scores of the riders are being used to determine which three from each heat advance to the final. The winners are those with the two best scores of the six competitors. This final event is an 18-minute battle to take the gold. The smart money is on New Jersey native Garrett Reynolds to take the top honors, as he’s on a roll with wins in all six of the prior BMX Street comps held at X Games. The 22-year old is not just known for his street abilities, but he’s also quite adept in Park competitions. And, Garrett fields his own bike company, Fiend, as well.

Chad Kerley at the ESPN X Games (Grafman)

Every dog has his day, or so they say. In the dog days of summer anyone can have their day in the sun. Clearly, this is just one of those. Upsetting Garrett Reynolds’ consistent set of tricks showcasing his signature style is Chad Kerley. He capably pushes the envelope enough to steal the gold by a narrow margin of one point. Throughout practice Chad Kerley is focused like a laser on the task at hand. Chad shuts out the rest of the competitors and distractions during practice, and amps up by the same means. His secret weapon looks an awful lot like an iPod. Maybe it’s this extra dose of concentration that puts him over the top for the win. Rounding out the top three is Jeremiah Smith. All of the finalists have one thing in common out on the L.A. Live Event Deck, no risk – no reward. Breaks and bruises are part of the business. If you want to earn gold, silver, and bronze, you have to pay your dues. BMX Street Final Results 1. Chad Kerley, 87.00 (USA) 2. Garrett Reynolds, 86.00 (USA) 3. Jeremiah Smith, 80.00 (USA)

Garrett Reynolds at the 2013 ESPN X Games (Grafman)

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