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Published on Wed, May 16, 2007

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

THE GOOD LIFE By John Grafman The seemingly ever-expanding ranks of millionaires in this country have a problem on their hands. Yes, this is a dilemma we wish we all had, and it's a reality for those prosperous individuals invited to this affair. Those who are fortunate enough to have generous means have to ask themselves one question: What shall I buy today?

Well, after you've bought everything else imaginable (the requisite big beach house and wardrobe), one starts to inevitably eye purely optional luxury goods. Catering to those who have a little extra cash on hand, or a healthy line of credit, California Coast Yachts and Lamborghini Orange County are there to help. A perfect Sunday in Newport Beach provides the quintessential California backdrop for an unusual one-day event. Several million dollars worth of sports cars and an armada of tantalizing yachts provide the incentive to crack open wallets like a bottle of champagne. Let the fun flow!

A popularly priced yacht from Sunseeker will set you back about two and a half million each, but they're worth every penny. The majestic 66-foot Manhattan and the sleek 62-foot Predator are both superbly crafted vessels. Both capture the essence of luxury and style in a modern setting. The Predator, as the name implies, is a more aggressive design, but it does provide ample quarters for captain and crew. The Manhattan provides a more spacious dwelling. In all actuality, it will be very easy to take up residence on this ship. Virtually everything found in the luxury home has been exquisitely integrated into this design. The open cabin design provides for a salon large enough to entertain properly without paring down the guest list.

As fantastic as the yachts are, there are still occasions where one must find land transportation. Fortunately, Lamborghini has several solutions. Lamborghini has two core models, and several derivatives of both. The Murcielago and the Gallardo draw attention like the rolling sculptures that they are. Of course, having 10 or so of these gleaming giant wedges in the entry to the event doesn't hurt either for an attention getter. Subtlety these aren't, nor are they meant to be. The striking poses of these Italians are as functional as they are sexually appealing.

Sports cars and watercraft are both the trappings of the good life. But the examples at today's affair are so much more. These cars and boats are not just a byproduct of wealth, but of quality. In a closer, detailed inspection, it's easy to see the attention given to both. Exploring the Sunseeker products with its masterful use of exceptional leather and polished wood in such large doses, it's easy to overlook the smaller refined features. But even the basic necessities, such as door handles, have a modern elegance that pampers owners well beyond the first blush. The fittings and even the fasteners, when you can find them, all complement the design and further the understanding that these are not the results of compromising on anything.

As magic as the Lamborghini and Sunseeker offerings are, on occasion more portable statements are preferred. Fortunately for us, Winston's Jewelers is on board with a dazzling selection of stones. Several display case showoff rings, watches, and other assorted tempting high-end glitter. The jewelry while on its own looks enticing but perhaps a bit much, amongst these luxury goods they seem very much at home.

The majority of the Sunseeker line on hand comprises of motor yachts, however a couple of their other seagoing craft is taking its place alongside those slips. One of those happens to be the speedboat used in the film Casino Royale. True, this is not as spacious as its brethren; this boat however speaks volumes as to Sunseekers' performance. Let's face it, if it's good enough for the vaunted James Bond, it's probably good enough for the rest of us.

While you might expect vodka martinis to be served dockside given the 007 relationship, we are instead treated to invigorating cocktails from 267 Infusions. Alcohol manufacturing companies up until now have found it sufficient to merely contain the flavors of various fruits, 267 Infusions actually bottles the fruit in with the alcohol. Clever, very clever. Sometime it's the little things that differentiate the unusual from the commonplace.

It's all to easy to fall in love with some of these boats with the water casting dancing reflections on their hull, although you might find yourself about a mil short this week. Don't fret. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. SeaNet provide some fractional ownership of numerous Sunseeker craft. Of course, the down side to that is relinquishing the boat over to the other owners when their turn arrives. On the upside, this allows more time to play with your favorite Lamborghini. Not a bad trade off.

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