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Published on Sun, Sep 30, 2007

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


NHRA DRAG RACING COUNTDOWN TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP Players:1 - 2 Price: $14.95 Platform(s):PS2 Developer: Pipeworks Software Publisher: THQ ESRB: Everyone Website:

Review by Cliff Lindberg


When I see a game with giant "NHRA" letters on it, I assume it's a racing game. However, after playing THQ'S NHRA Drag Racing countdown To The Championship for PS2, I soon realize this game places very little emphasis on racing, and instead focuses on setting up vehicles for the race. Before each race one can set up the vehicle, be it a motorcycle or pro stock car, to ensure maximum performance for the day's conditions. There is a surprisingly large amount of detail that went into these settings, and setting them up correctly is truly challenging. After being pleased with the settings, it is time to burn out the tires, back up and stop at the finish line. Although this seems rather strait forward, the controls make this difficult for a first-time player. In addition, stopping precisely where the game wants you to not easy. Go slightly too far and it doesn't give you the option of backing up; you are disqualified. Assuming that one makes it to the start line successfully, the race comes. The controls once again become the hardest part of the game, since steering the vehicle past 30 mph generally leads to the vehicle flipping over or hitting a wall, which in both cases lead to being disqualified. To make matters worse, during the race the vehicle drifts to the side, making steering a must. The music in the game is not for me, but the vehicles make decent sounds (engine noises are recorded well). Unfortunately, the commenter gets annoying around the third race, always saying the same things and continuously stating the obvious. The graphics yell out that this is a low budget game. While the PlayStation® 2 doesn't compare to the newer systems, it still can produce much better graphics than those which are in this game. One would think that a game which receives so much sponsorship could afford better graphics. Even the box for the game features advertisements from the American Automobile Association, Powerade and Goodyear. If one ignores the horrendous controls, annoying commentator and poor graphics, then one may be able to enjoy this game. Unfortunately I am cannot look past all of these problems. I play video games for entertainment, and this game doesn't provide enough of it. That's quite surprising, since some of my favorite games are also produced by THQ.

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