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Published on Sat, Jul 26, 2008

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

TREEHUGGERS IN THE OC By John Grafman Going green means saving the green, in more way than one. Ford understands, and so does GM. Both of these domestic manufacturers have a clear understanding of what we need: Efficient cars, clean skies, and green trees. Far away from the city lights of Orange County are the unspoiled hills of Santiago Canyon. This late afternoon turns out to be the perfect day to hold the 4th annual Treehuggers' Ball. The triple-digit heat offers up a small preview of what global warming may entail on a mild day. While air conditioner manufacturers might find this acceptable, the rest of us have a different opinion.

GMC Yukon Two-Mode Hybrid Saving the hills of Santa Ana is the purpose of the Treehuggers' Ball. One drive through the picturesque canyons and it can make a nature lover out of any cityphile. Besides the plants and trees creating a landscape reminiscent of the unspoiled west, it also offers a little something more. Saving the world, as we know it is really a two-prong approach, we need to reduce additional CO2s from products like cars, and we need to retain our forests and hills, not to mention rainforests and our aquatic plant life. The hundreds on hand at this event, which is gaining more momentum every year, get a double dose saving the hills and the world. Besides the awareness courtesy of Mother Nature at the Blackhorse Canyon location, the sponsors provide real world options, which everyone can use in their effort to save the world.

Ford Focus PZEV The Ford Focus PZEV, a partial zero emissions vehicle, is a cleaner burner internal combustion engine. Coming up in '09 is the same car with even further range on each and every gallon of gas. On display alongside the Ford is a GM offering that also is a step forward. The GMC Yukon Two-Mode Hybrid also extends the range of the product by utilizing electric power to supplement the traditional engine. Less fuel consumed means less pollution coming out of the tailpipe each and every mile. But the event offers more with edibles, and entertainment from several musical groups that have love for the hills. What the Treehuggers' Ball really offers is a place for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss the latest ideas and trends for going green, and even an opportunity to throw around rumors of the latest upcoming advancements in transportation, like the 200mpg plus production vehicles from Aptera. Now that's food for thought.

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