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Published on Tue, Nov 4, 2008

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

HOT WIRES For hot and tender news wires on the car culture, see LA Car's Hot Wires What Would Henry Ford Say About a Bailout? A Record Number of Press at the LA Auto Show Italian Pole Dance: Escaping Serious Injury in a Ferrari  



Henry Ford, with Edsel Ford and Orville Wright to his right

BACK SEAT DRIVING: LETTERS FROM BT WHAT WOULD HENRY SAY?     What Would Henry Ford Say About a Bailout? Try this: "Let them fail; let everybody fail! I made my fortune when I had nothing to start with, by myself and my own ideas. Let other people do the same thing. If I lose everything in the collapse of our financial structure, I will start in at the beginning and build it up again." Ford said it February 11, 1933. "Them" was the banks, but he clearly understood the broader effect of a banking system failure. Some background: Ford hated "the bankers" and was threatening to withdraw all of his personal and Ford Motor Company's money from the banks. Two large Detroit banks had folded in January. Michigan Governor William A. Comstock subsequently declared a bank holiday, some say in response to Ford's comment. A run on U.S. banks was underway. By March 2, 21 states closed their banks. FDR was sworn in as president on March 4, and two days later he declared a national bank holiday. The quote seems tailor made for today ... too good to be true for opponents of today's bailout requests. Ford's quote is popping up online, but I don't put much stock into blogs and independent sites. Here's an authoritative validation of Ford's comment, from "Independent Man: The Life of Senator James Couzens," by Harry Barnard (Wayne State University Press, 2002). - BT Justice    





A record number of press members at the show (Nakano)

BACK SEAT DRIVING     All the Press Come Out for the LA Auto Show They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That's about the number of press at the LA Auto Show appearing in the photo above. And that's just for one press conference (the BMW/MINI conference). It's amazing, considering the fact that both GM and Chrysler both pulled out of the press conference schedule, and all three of the The Big Three were on Capital Hill pleading for their collective survival. If this is an industry on the ropes, it certainly didn't stop the press from attending the LA Auto Show. Perhaps it was morbid curiosity - kinda like all the people that tuned in to watch the OJ car chase on TV. This time around, it was to see what the car companies offered (or didn't offer) in the wake of the automotive industry crisis. As it turned out, the LA Auto Show looked nothing like a funeral (well, the Chrysler exhibit did look awfully dark next to the blindingly bright Audi exhibit). Certainly the consumers didn't seem to notice any difference. Lots of new cars on display - including the new 2010 Mustang. All-in-all, 'still a great auto show. Let's hope the anticipated no-shows at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show (to date, Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan and Suzuki) doesn't put too much of a dampener on the remaining shows for 2009. - Roy Nakano To read LA Car's full report on the LA Auto Show, click here.    





BACK SEAT DRIVING: LETTERS FROM BILL     Dear Friends, Cool pics. FYI, a 'Stobie' is a power pole Adelaide Australia. That part of Aus doesn't have a lot of trees, but it does have a lot of termites. So, back in the 1920s, an engineer with the local power company, one Cyril Stobie came up with the idea of taking two old railway rails, and bolting them together with concrete in the middle. As noted in the Wikipedia entry, "The poles are fireproof, rotproof, and termiteproof. They are also 'car proof' - causing enormous amounts of damage to vehicles when collided with." No sheet, Sherlock. This sort of construction is no longer legal in the States. Roadside poles have to be of breakaway construction, to prevent idiots from killing themselves. Whatever happened to Darwinism? Between these pix, and the ones a couple of years ago of the Swede on Hwy 1 in Malibu (you remember, the Ferrari Enzo sheared in half after encountering a 'breakaway' phone pole at about 150 mph - and walked away). Anyway, it's quite a testimonial on the safety of a Ferrari. Not what usually comes to mind when one thinks of the prancing horses from Modena. Hugsabunch, Bill Wright    





LA Car

That was LA Car's subtitle when it started back in 1997. It's original website address was about five times the size of Since then, La Car became LA Car. Its subtitle became Reporting From Car Culture Ground Zero, then From The Heart of Car Culture, to today's The Cars and Culture of Southern California. At all times, however, we aimed to chronicle the Southland's automotive spirit - much like one's own journal or diary. LA Car has always been a great source to come back to from week-to-week, to see what articles and reviews have been added to our rather staggering database. With Back Seat Driving, a.k.a. BSD (note the similarity to two well-worn abbreviations, BS and BFD) and Hot Wires - Hot & Tender News From the Car Culture (co-located with Back Seat Driving, and updated at least daily), we give you some reasons to come back more often (all opinions, by the way, are those of the respective author). So, go ahead and bookmark We'll be sure to always provide a link to Hot Wires and the latest Back Seat Driving blog entry. In the meantime, welcome to the journal and journey from the heart of the car culture. - Roy Nakano 

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