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Published on Sun, Nov 30, 2008

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4


Approaching the grand opening of the new Lamborghini Beverly Hills dealership, I have a moment to reflect. This really isn't the best climate to be opening any business of any type. On the other hand, waiting for the valet for 15 minutes, due to the huge volume of guests attending, makes anyone in the surrounding area think that this might just be what the market is looking for. The Lamborghini dealership is a by-product of O'Gara Coach being stretched to the max with the available space at the company's home base in Beverly Hills, which houses Buggati, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin on site. Something had to give, and now Lamborghini gets the ample space the product deserves.

Capital Forged wheels, flanked by Brandon Trentham and Vaja The stylish new facility on Robertson Boulevard just south of Wilshire is the perfect size. Normally, you have a few customers at the location at one time and the facility would seem very spacious. This is the exception. The overflow crowd invades every inch of the new building, both inside and in the sizeable courtyard on this mid November night. In spite of the crowd of hundreds squeezing in, there isn't an unhappy face in the bunch and for good reason. Everything you could want is on hand for this special night. Now, this is a christening of the dealership. This is also a chance to bask in the glow of several of Lamborghini's best. The star of the evening is the relatively new Gallardo LP 560-4, an amazing car churning out, you guessed it, 560 horses. But like the other Italian cars on hand, it looks incredibly fast simply sitting in place. Looks in this case are not deceiving. A bevy of other beauties are on hand including the Murciélago, both as a coupe and as a Spyder. Unfortunately, in order to allow for guests many of the dealers cars are not on hand for the event. However, this gives a perfectly good excuse to come back at a later date.

If the Lamborghini products aren't enough to put a smile on anyone's face, the sponsors have brought enough goodies to keep all interested. A quick tour reveals the Cavallini Beverly Hills display of some of the finest wears with a distinctly Italian flair. The well-healed man is covered here from suits to ties. Even footwear is available for those with good taste. Christian Dior Boutique is making certain that no wrist is left empty. The numerous watches available are all fascinating, so the decision as to what works best is a tough choice. The answer to that problem is to get several from the new line of incredible timepieces. Completing the ensemble is writing pens from Michel Perchin. Like the Dior watches, these useable pieces of art can mix and match with whatever style you like, as there is such a wide variety. Now, it is said that clothes makes the man. But after getting dressed to the nines and the essential accessories are covered, what's next? Nothing conveys a good day at the office, or just enjoying life's rich bounties quite like a good cigar. The General Cigar Company knows that all too well, and it's generous in showing its fine selection and providing guests to sample the goods in a very practical manner. Plenty of the invited are asking for a "test drive" of the goods. Ah, this does work nearly as good as new Lamborghini in getting a person in the right mood, but it won't get you to where you actually need to be. Some things in life are even better once you've reached your destination, literally.

Enticing guests is no problem with the other sponsors like Beaudry with its collection of rare diamonds and fine jewelry, Molton Brown London - makers of beauty & rejuvenation products, and Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia, which is showing its goods prior to the silent auction benefiting the Red Cross. Not everything is easy to show. Nevertheless, some companies have extraordinary services or programs. One of those is Quintessentially, which is offering attendees incentives to its personal concierge programs It is also hard to bring a boat into the courtyard. However, Feadship is showcasing the finest yacht charters. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words, or at least offer a glimpse into these opportunities. Just in case this isn't enough Bang & Olufsen is supplying the venue with music on the latest home theatre system. While B&O stimulates one of the senses, Bond Street Sushi does an equally masterful job exciting our palate. The guests get just a tasteful glimpse into what the local Beverly Hills sushi restaurant has to offer. Leona Valley Winery is providing both red & white fine wine, and Taste TV is offering decadent chocolates to all. Of course, an evening like this is not complete without champagne courtesy of Lufthansa. Rand Luxury, well recognized in event planning didn't forget a thing.

Similarly, purists may argue that the automobiles from Lamborghini are in need of nothing outside of what the factory offers. Not everyone subscribes to that school of thought however. Brain Garin from Capital Forged wheels is more than able to satisfy the cravings of those who need to take it to the next level. The wheels he has on hand are the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. Is it necessary? That's a question best left to bore philosophers and owners of Lamborghinis. Such an attractive night does in indeed bring out those that live the wild life. A few are easy to spot, like Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and actress Bai Ling, and others are a little less recognizable. Keeping a low profile isn't always a bad thing.

Bradford Rand and Bai Ling These are indeed crazy times in which we live. With so much turbulence in the world, a number of automotive dealers have recently closed their doors. So, in times like this, it is encouraging to see a brave few people are taking the bull by the horns. Nothing is more invigorating than stepping into the ring to feel alive, or jumping into the driver's seat! For more info please go to

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