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San Marino Motor Classic

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Published on Fri, Jun 13, 2014

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


The 4th Annual San Marino Motor Classic (Spear)

Story and photographs by Sean Spear Now DB6 over there came in from Arizona and had been sleeping in my garage for a week.” Leaping at Opportunity Vendors at the event are also permitted to bring along ‘props’ if they so choose. One nice example was Kevin Easton’s (of Easton Robertson Classic Insurance) 1974 Jaguar V12 E-Type. “As the last year for the E-Type, the 1974 was designed to be the most comfortable cruiser in the line. A little more legroom, more options, and lots of power.” Kevin is five-years into his ownership and restoration effort, but the car shows nicely. “It’s kind of a ‘rolling effort.’ I started with just a respray, but its gotten into something a little more comprehensive. Still, because she’s not completely done, I have no qualms with driving it anytime. To me, V12s are meant to be driven.” Shortly afterwards, Kevin saw the chance to move his car closer to his booth. Not a bad way to increase foot-traffic to your spot.


This Jag means business – Kevin Easton and his 1974 E-Type (Spear)

Combining Work & Play Sitting side-by-side, two stunning pre-war vehicles shared a somewhat unusual bond. Though they may not look it, the 1921 Duesenberg Model A Dual Cowl Phaeton and the 1925 Lincoln Convertible Coupe could almost be described as twins. Completed by the same Restorer, Arnold Schmidt of RAH Industries, both cars were finished at the same time and made their ‘debuts’ together at Pebble Beach last summer. However, whereas Arnold completed the Duesenberg for one of his prominent clients, the Lincoln was his own labor of love.


A Lot of Work… - Ron & Sandy Hansen’s 1921 Duesenberg Model A Dual Cowl Phaeton (Spear)


…And a Bit of Play. – Arnold Schmidt and his 1925 Lincoln Convertible Coupe (Spear)

“For the last three months before Pebble Beach, my team was working 10 hours a day on the Duesenberg, and I was working 10 hours a day on the Lincoln. My wife said ‘You’re insane! Nobody gets up at three in the morning to go work on a car!’” chuckled Arnold. “There were a few small items that the car still needed, but it did take second place in its class at Pebble. I’ve been restoring and showing cars for my clients for 30+ years, but it was such a different experience to take your own car this time around. My wife said ‘We should do this every year!’” So, perhaps it was all well worth it. The 4th Annual San Marino Motor Classic attracted close to 5,000 show-goers and 270 exhibiting cars. Here are the award-winners for this year’s Classic: Best In Show (Pre War): 1929 Duesenberg Model J Dual Cowl Phaeton, John Muckel of Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Best In Show (Post War): 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster, Hjeltness Restoration, Inc. of Escondido, California. Chairman’s Award: 1931 Cadillac 370-A V-12 2-Door rumble seat coupe, Steven C. Muccillo of Laguna Beach, California. San Marino Rotary Trophy: 1941 Packard Series 180 LeBaron Brougham, Leigh Johnson of Idyllwild, California. Most Elegant Closed Car (Post War): 1956 Continental MK II, Peter & Cathy Hoffman of Hermosa Beach, California. Pasadena Humane Society Award: 1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, Alan & Wendy Hart of Topanga, California. Most Exotic Sports Car: 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing, Ted Strocher of San Juan Capistrano, California. Garage Style Magazine Award: 1965 Shelby Cobra, Billy & Christine Kincheloe of Sherman Oaks, California. About the San Marino Motor Classic The San Marino Motor Classic features a broad array of motorcars that span more than a century. Co-founded by Aaron Weiss, Paul Colony and Ben Reiling, it is considered the successor to the Los Angeles Concours d’Elegance. To view more scenes from the 4th Annual San Marino Motor Classic, click here.


Voices from the Great Lawn (Spear)

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