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Published on Tue, Sep 22, 2009

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

SUPER SPORTING Words and pictures by John Grafman

This is America, home of capitalism - where there's no limit to the fortunes one can amass. On occasion, this does lead to some unscrupulous behavior by a few, but we'll leave that discussion for another time. Many go through life accepting the status quo as good enough, however that simply won't do for the movers and shakers of the world. For the auto enthusiast this translates as follows: If you want to drive a Pinto or a Bentley, it's really up to you.

Let's face it, Bentley produces some heady transports. The Continental series has really invigorated the brand to the superpower that it has become in the past half-dozen years. By almost any measure, the Continental GT is as close to auto nirvana as one can hope to attain. Alas, for a select few, the supercar benchmark is feeling just (dare I say) a bit too common. O'Gara Coach, the local Bentley dealer in Beverly Hills, is proud to offer the remedy for the well-healed that like to put their foot to the floorboard. A fortunate few are treated to an early preview of the Continental Supersports on this late summer evening. Perhaps those that are only casual coinsurers of fine cars won't pick up on the nuances, but to those invited this affair, every detail rings of distinction. The perfect body of the GT is augmented with a new front fascia that clearly distinguishes the Supersports from its older, famous sibling. Bentley did a beautiful update to the styling of the front and integrating that with the existing bodywork. The intakes closest to the fenders are vertical and flow nicely with the lines of the car.

On the inside, the coachwork has been modified to create a dedicated two-seater. The rear seating on the GT, which was tight, yet fairly comfortable, has given way to a rear panel suited for luggage or other toys in the new Supersports. The 2+2 layout that has the capacity to offer needed accommodations when asked is appreciated. When one own a Bentley I'm certain the question is asked often. However, in all fairness, in a car able to do two hundred plus miles per hour does one really want or need a back seat driver? The interior also has two other noticeable differences. The comfortable seats in the GT give way to appropriate sport seats. The instrument panel is finished in carbon fiber rather than wood. Any weight savings there might be negligible, but it looks fantastic and fits the overall theme to a tee.

The new model is the poster child for O'Gara. A dealership housing so many premium brands can be summed up with the phrase - where luxury is never compromised. Those on hand know this is something extra special, even though it is a little hard to really sample the goods within the confines of the showroom. This technological marvel now produces a staggering 621 horsepower. Yes, this does consume a disproportionate amount of fuel compared to the masses of lesser vehicles, but fear not. Come mid-2010, the Supersports will be FlexFuel capable, so this will be a little more sensitive to our conservation efforts. Going hand-in-hand with the upscale performance that's sure to capture the attention of everyone from Jay Leno on down is a price tag to match. It's only money to those of means; nevertheless it is still a health chunk of change. Exclusivity has its price. Though it's easy enough to forget price tags when being seduced by the sponsors like Esteban Carreras Cigars, Jamaica's Cakes, Woodhouse Chocolate, and the beverages supplied by Flawless Vodka, Cobblestone, and O.N.E., let alone the numerous attractive females at the unveiling. Additional sponsors this evening include Breitling, Westime, Oakley, Staples Center Premier Seats, Giovanna Wheels, and the Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise.

There is an air of conspicuous consumption mixing with the warm gentle breeze in the courtyard, and it feels pretty good. With the seemingly endless stream of goodies, not the least being the Bentley, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if someone jumps out exclaim "but wait, there's more"! Being the good capitalists we are, we almost come to expect it. Bring it on. Find out more at 


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