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The Street Rods Forever Story

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Published on Fri, Sep 12, 2014

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Street Rods Forever's 2009 show (Nakano)

By Sean Spear Most tales start off very simply before taking you on an adventure. The beginnings of the Street Rods Forever Car Club would make you think that you are about to hear a ‘story’ if it weren’t actually true. On Father’s Day 1984, Tom Schiffilea, Bob Brkich, Joe Eddy, Gale Dilts, Norm Seastedt, Leon “Bubby” Wilton, and Butch Milich got together at Tom Schiffilea’s home and talked about forming a car club. These “Original Seven”, some already well established in the car business, had a common love of street rods. Considered a variant of traditional hot rods, street rods are still modified cars that reflect the personality of the owner, but with an eye towards making tracks on the street as opposed to racing. While focused on cars manufactured prior to 1949, street rods often will feature a more reliable late model drivetrain and an original body that might otherwise be left fairly intact. High-quality custom paint jobs, comfortable interiors, and modern engines and running gear are the common features.

The 2010 show (Nakano)

Some of the Original Seven tell the tale that they all set out to purposely form a simple club with two simple rules: (1) each member had to own a pre-’49 running street rod; and (2) no more rules. This set-up proved very popular, as they more than doubled their membership by just the third meeting. In addition to their monthly meeting, a club picnic, a Christmas dance, and the annual Monrovia Hot Rod and Custom Car Show, members have traveled to street rod events all across the country. Despite growing many fold since 1984, and allowing some ‘newer’ cars in (now everything pre-1958 is member-eligible), the club has maintained their ‘low key’ spirit. “Many of the members are still in car-related businesses, so our get-togethers allow us to share our expertise.” Says Brent Unger of Street Rods Forever, “In addition to doing events for charity, we help each other build the cars we dream of.” Doing good for others; definitely a tale worth telling.

All of Old Town Monrovia is set aside for the show (Nakano)

About the Hot Rod, Custom Car & Motorcycle Show The Street Rods Forever 24th Annual Hot Rod, Custom Car & Motorcycle Show took place on Saturday, September 13, 2014 along Myrtle Avenue in Historic Downtown Monrovia. Old Town Monrovia’s businesses opened their doors for the attendees. In addition to the 200 plus custom cars, the event featured automotive venders and raffles; with proceeds donated to a variety of local charities. Admission was free. For the event flyer, click here.

The 22nd annual show (Nakano)

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