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2020 Roush Mustang: "Special" is an Understatement

Published on Fri, Nov 15, 2019

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

LA Car contributor Roseanne Murphy gets a chance to pilot ROUSH’s latest Mustang on track at Willow Springs.

Story by Roseanne Murphy, Photos courtesy of ROUSH Performance

One does not simply start an article with saying that the car left me at a loss for words.  But there it is.  And it did.  The 775-horsepower 2020 Jack Roush Edition Mustang is not just any car, nor is it just any Mustang. It is the most powerful ROUSH Mustang ever.  With the exclusive Phase 3 Supercharger, custom ROUSH-calibrated MagneRide suspension, ROUSH power train cooling package, Active Aerodynamic carbon fiber rear wing, track-ready front and rear 6-piston Brembo brake system, this powerhouse will push you hard back into the leather and suede Recaro seat and then practically stand on its nose and stop you in your tracks clutching the suede wrapped steering wheel.  Sitting there, glistening Rapid Red metallic in the morning sun at Willow Springs Raceway, there is no mistaking this car for anything else on the road.  Like the sweetest red candy apple tempting you to take a bite, you will have a hard time resisting.

The heart pounding power of this car is unreal.  And thank God for the electronic nannies and technology which no doubt kept this writer out of the dirt — someplace we had been strongly admonished against visiting since this very car was going to SEMA in two weeks and we were the first to see it.  “There is a lot of technology now.  Rev matching is all done for you — no more heel and toe.  ABS and traction control has developed a lot in only a few years and it is used in racing as well as in street cars,” said professional racecar driver Joey Atterbury. “It is not just reactive now.  The technology is proactive.  The MagneRide suspension is fully dynamic and adjusts on the fly as you drive.”  The driving modes are adjustable for comfort versus sport.  As much as I enjoy practicing my heel and toe, I was plenty happy to let the car do that for me because, to be honest, I had my hands full driving this beast and I did not want to be the driver who scratched it.

And yet for all its raw power, it was very civilized too. The traction control made keeping the car in check relatively simple.  It is 50 state legal and the exhaust –while getting your attention at start up– settles into a very “good neighbor kind of friendly” which won’t get you kicked out of either the HOA or Laguna Seca which is notorious for its 90 decibel sound limit.  I really would have loved to have at least one full session with this sparkling red dream to work up to really using what the car had to offer.  But for this ride and drive, that was left to the pro.

From a vantage point in the passenger seat as Atterbury really put the car through its paces, I was most struck by how un-Mustang-like this car behaved.  We are in a classic very late apex corner, but he’s hugging the inside of that corner and the car is just sticking hard.  It’s just not letting go.  Yes, we were on racing slicks in this particular prototype (the Standard package includes Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires while the Competition package will come with Continental ExtremeContact DR tires capable of pulling 1.14g on the skid pad), but the amount of stick this Mustang had was unexpected.  The raw power is unmistakable, but the control is the part that is most amazing.  This is not the people-mowing Mustang of Saturday morning car show lore.

This car is special.  It showcases the best of the best from ROUSH Performance.  Hand built with exquisite attention to detail, top of the line performance updates, and race inspired styling, this car is a very limited production.  Only 60 will be hand-built in the US.  Each will sport a ROUSH Performance serial number badge and an engine bay plate signed by the builder.

This is to honor the legacy that Jack Roush has built and it is super special.  This exemplifies his continual drive for excellence and to push the boundaries in a very enjoyable way” – Alexandra Schrader, Assistant Brand Manager

“This is to honor the legacy that Jack Roush has built and it is super special.  This exemplifies his continual drive for excellence and to push the boundaries in a very enjoyable way,” said Alexandra Schrader, Assistant Brand Manager for Roush Performance.  “At the end of the day, this is about creating something that gives you good bumps.  It’s about the thrill of the ride.”  And thrilling is pretty spot-on in describing the 2020 Jack Roush Edition Mustang.

Available in two packages, the Signature Package includes a laundry list of go-fast modifications which you can review at the end of this article.  And the optional Competition package includes upgraded wheels, tires, and the “Jack Pack” wheel and tire display and tool box.

At a price of $50,995 for the ROUSH package (on top of the cost of a 2020 Mustang with the MagneRide suspension and GT Performance Package), you can expect to spend between $95,000 and $100,000 total. The Competition Package is an additional $12,000.  And for those interested, this will be available in 10 speed automatic transmission in addition to the 6 speed manual version we drove.

For more information, visit the ROUSH Performance website.

Signature Package (Standard):

  • Exclusive Phase 3 (775HP/670lb-ft tq) Supercharger
  • Jack Roush Edition graphics and badging package
  • Custom ROUSH-calibrated MagneRide suspension
  • Quad black-tip ROUSH active exhaust with H-pipe
  • ROUSH powertrain cooling package
  • Larger low temperature radiator
  • Auxiliary engine cooler
  • Differential cooler
  • Transmission cooler
  • Active Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber rear wing
  • Unique ROUSH forged wheels w/ Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires
  • Track-ready front and rear 6-piston Brembo brake system
  • Billet engine bay styling package
  • Premium car cover
  • Exterior lighting package (puddle lights, rear fender LED markers, illuminated “ROUSH” in lower opening)
  • ROUSH R9 body kit
  • Grille with Jack Roush Edition badge
  • Lower opening
  • Chin splitter w/ wheel shrouds
  • Hood Heat extractors
  • Fender Heat Extractors
  • High-flow corner pockets
  • Rear valance aero foils
  • Rear ROUSH blackout panel
  • Unique Jack Roush Edition Interior Performance leather and suede seats Track-ready racing steering wheel White shifter ball (MTX) or red billet paddle shifters (ATX)
  • ROUSH Certificate of Authenticity
  • ROUSH key fobs
  • Hood strut lift assist

Competition Package (Optional):

  • Exclusive matte black ROUSH/Weld Racing lightweight forged track wheels Continental ExtremeContact™ DR tires capable of pulling 1.14g on the skid pad
  • “Jack Pack” wheel and tire display and tool box Note: these tires are for track use only

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