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Henrik builds a Rocket

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Published on Sun, Nov 30, 2014

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


Henrik Fisker designs a Rocket for Galpin Auto Sports (photo by John Grafman)

Story and pictures by John Grafman "Rocket" is indeed a very appropriate name for a Mustang with 725 ponies under a unique, carbon-fiber hood. While just shy of being able to leaving earth’s orbit, it should be more than enough for anyone other than an astronaut. The melding of design talent extraordinaire Henrik Fisker, and Beau Bockmann of Galpin Motors (and GAS) is really a dream team in many ways. It also should be noted that both call Southern California their home. So, it just seemed natural to unleashing their offering at the 2014 LA Auto Show. Henrik, prior to the Fisker Karma, was producing tasteful, coachbuilt cars based off a Mercedes SL, and a BMW 6 Series (Tramonto and Latigo CS respectively). Galpin has decades of experience customizing cars. Plus, adding the capabilities of Metalcrafters into the mix should be enough to get this off the launch pad. “Ford’s engineers and Moray Callum’s design team did an amazing job with the new Mustang,” said Henrik Fisker. “So good in fact, I think the design additions and power upgrades we have made to the car help it play in a higher league, against much more expensive supercars!” Details are still a bit shy, such as who is handling the engine build, how many more will be made, and the all-important question of how much?


The likely view when trying to keep up with a 725 hp car (photo by John Grafman)

Nevertheless, this is still tempting. The fender flairs, extended front end, hexagonal shaped grill, and vents match up nicely with Ford’s redesigned 2015 Mustang. Plus, the new ‘stang has independent suspension all around, and it’s fully-adjustable on the Rocket for dialing in your pleasure (street or track). The Rocket rides on 21-inch ADV.1 wheels with Pirelli P-Zero extreme performance tires, and massive 15” Brembo Grand Turismo high performance brakes. Onlookers will gravitate to the exterior, which sets this apart in a tasteful manner, and reflects the muscular aspect of the redefined pony car. Anyone with an petrol flowing in their veins will appreciate the functional carbon-fiber front and rear diffusers, polished side skirts, and rear deck lid spoiler providing additional downforce when the car gets up to speed. But, it’s the interior that really touches the heavens. The stock Ford Mustang interior is, well, lacking to say the least with materials would be right at home in an econo car. The Rocket is worlds better, with hard plastic surfaces trimmed in red leather. The sad, faux metal on the stock dash has been replaced by actual carbon fiber, reflecting the enhanced bodywork on the outside. Sure, this isn’t the only Mustang out there that’s been let loose to a tuner. So, why should the Rocket matter? It’s not just the car; it’s the blending of two talents, one on style and the other in distribution. This combination of talent is what most projects lack. Plus, with millions of Mustang owners out there, past and present, there should be several individuals that would like to get their hands on something this special. The only thing left to do is light the candle, and see if this Rocket is really ready for lift-off!


Henrik Fisker talks about his latest design (photo by John Grafman)

For more information about the Rocket, go to SPECIFICATIONS Name of vehicle: GAS (Galpin Auto Sports) Rocket Body building: Hand-crafted carbon-fiber body by Metalcrafters, Inc. Price: TBD Engine type: 725 horsepower V8 EPA mileage estimates: TBD Suspension Front/Rear fully-adjustable independent suspension Wheels and tires: 21-inch ADV.1 Wheels w/Pirelli P-Zero Tires Brakes: 15-inch Brembo Gran Turismo brakes

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