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The 25th annual Hot Rod, Custom Car & Motorcycle Show

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Published on Sun, Sep 20, 2015

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


Street Rods Forever celebrates its 25th annual Hot Rod, Custom Car & Motorcycle Show in Monrovia, California (Sean Spear)

Story and pictures by Sean Spear As LA Car wrote about in Every Street Rod Tells A Story, seven friends got together on Father’s Day 1984 and formed a club centered on their common love of Street Rods. The club, Street Rods Forever, went on to found and operate the annual Monrovia Hot Rod and Custom Car Show, now celebrating its 25th event. Last weekend, historic Myrtle Avenue in Old Town Monrovia once again served as the perfect backdrop for the show, with the street’s businesses and a variety of street vendors selling all manner of car-related or other interesting items. Still, it was the cars (and trucks) that were the real attractions for the day. LA Car couldn’t pass-up this opportunity to snap a few pics and swap a few stories. 90 Days to SEMA Wh called to say that we had been invited to bring our Mustang.” While a big honor for any car builder or owner, this meant a mad dash to finish a car and have it be presentable at the annual show in Las Vegas. “After owning it for more than 20 years we knew what we wanted to do to the car, but we were nowhere near ready. We were worried right up to the night before but pulled it together and had the car on the trailer the morning of the show.”


Glen Martyn exhibited his 1966 Mustang Fastback (Sean Spear)

For most SEMA restomod cars, it’s the details in the execution that really set you apart. For this car, the non-factory pewter color, pumpkin interior, and 351cu Cleveland engine immediately get your attention. “We definitely spent a lot of time tuning the engine, which actually came out of a ’72 Pantera. But we also did things like rework the rear bumper and license plate bracket to give some more room to the exhaust tips. I also put in modern door handles from a Monte Carlo. Just some things to give the car a slightly different look than the things you typically see other people do to Mustangs.” The appeal of Glen’s design choices were confirmed when well-known custom car designer/builder Chip Foose took notice of the car at SEMA. “It was incredible to have him tell us how much he loved the car. That and the support of the businesses that chipped in to build the car made it all worthwhile.”


Details like the Split Rear Bumper (above) and the Automatic Gearshift posing as a Stick (below) are what set this car apart (Sean Spear)


Local Truck Done Good While the vehicles and their owners come from far and wide in the early dawn hours, local Monrovians also make their presence known. Describing the benefits of living just two blocks off of Myrtle Avenue, Monrovian and Street Rodder Richard Martinez says “It’s nice being able to just roll out of bed and drive the truck over a couple blocks. Even nicer for my wife since I didn’t have to get her up early to drive here. I think she’s still sleeping.”


Richard Martinez brought his 1950 Chevrolet pick-up (Sean Spear)


For the show, Richard brought his 1950 Chevy Pick-Up, finished in a unique not-quite satin, not-quite matte black with full whitewalls. “When I brought the truck from a guy in Sylmar, I inherited his mechanic with it. It was in bad shape, but the main problem was that he was taking way too long to work on it. After a year, it was still in bits.” After ‘rescuing’ his truck, another shop was able to move the project forward and create the truck Richard envisioned. While the look of the truck is very clean, a feature that jumps out is the paintwork on the dash. “I’m kinda a religious nut, but I don’t push it. So the idea of a Sacred Heart is really a way of blessing the truck.”


The heart of the truck (Sean Spear)

In many ways the truck is a collaboration between Richard and his current mechanic, with the both of them making suggestions on what to add or remove along the way. When asked if the truck is finally the way he wanted it, Richard quickly replies “Well, I just had a baby, so I think I’m done!” About the Event The Street Rods Forever Annual Hot Rod, Custom Car & Motorcycle Show usually takes place on the second Saturday of each September in Old Town Monrovia. The event usually features automotive venders and raffles; with proceeds to be donated to a variety of local charities. Admission is free. For more information, visit Got something to say? Add your Facebook comment regarding this article here. [nggallery id=monrovia2015]

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