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9th Annual Concorso Ferrari Turns Heads in Old Pasadena

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Published on Thu, Apr 28, 2016

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


Checking out a LaFerrari at the 2016 Concorso Ferrari in Pasadena (Albert Wong)

Story by Glenn Oyoung Pictures by Albert Wong and Glenn Oyoung Old Pasadena is no stranger to very nice cars. On any given night, you are bound to see a bevy of exotic cars from Aston Martins to Lamborghinis rumbling down Colorado Boulevard or parked in front of upscale restaurants like Mi Piace. But when over 140 Ferraris are parked on Colorado that can only mean that the annual Concorso Ferrari is in town. Hosted by the Ferrari Club of America (FCA) Southwest Region, the 9th Annual Concorso Ferrari dazzled Old Pasadena with over 140 of the finest vintage and contemporary Ferraris on display. The free event was open to the general public and drew over 5,000 spectators who were treated to some truly historic and valuable cars.


Fans of all ages showed up at the Concorso Ferrari (Albert Wong)

Prolific car collector Bruce Meyer displayed one such treat, the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB that won both Monza and Le Mans and secured Ferrari the GT Constructors Championship in 1961. Representing more modern supercars on the opposite end of Colorado Blvd., Ferrari “brand ambassador” David Lee displayed some of the standout Ferraris in his private collection including a 288 GTO, F40, Enzo, and one of the hands-down crowd favorites, a LaFerrari. Every era of the Prancing Horse’s storied history was well represented with Ferraris from every era. The street was lined with 275’s, Dinos, 308/328’s, 355’s, 360’s, 458’s, 550’s, as well as the most current Ferraris – including the FF’s, F12’s, and 488’s. In addition to the variety, the quality of the cars on display from an originality and condition standpoint was off the charts.


Beautiful from any angle (Glenn Oyoung)

Attending the event for the first time, it was hard for me not to stop every five feet or so and stare in awe at the timeless beauty of these Italian supercars. Some of the Ferraris on display were entered for judging in one of ten classes broken down by era. Both the judged and non-judged cars alike wowed car fans young and old. The FCA Southwest Region’s team organized the event, led by current President Kenny Lombino. According to Lombino, the Concorso Ferrari is a “labor of love” by the volunteers who spend months preparing for the event. Why go through all the effort? It’s not simply to show off their success as some #haters might guess.


Prancing horses in Pasadena (Albert Wong)

“W member. We all have that deep passion that the soul of Enzo’s engine gives us when you start it up, hear that rumble, and drive off…and we like to share that.” Lombino shared the story of how he first fell in love with Ferrari as a teenager when a dealer allowed him to sit in a Daytona and shift through the gears. It sparked a lifelong interest in cars, and today he’s the proud owner of a F430 Scuderia Spider 16M. In many ways, that’s what Concorso Ferrari is about, giving the general public the chance to see these beautiful pieces of moving Italian art in person and hopefully inspiring them in the process.


Seeing a sea of red in Pasadena, California (Glenn Oyoung)

Richard Kidd, FCA Southwest Region’s Treasurer shared Lombino’s enthusiasm for Ferrari and for planting seeds of Ferrari interest in the community. Kidd summed up the point of the event as “showing cars, judging cars, and giving the public a chance to come out appreciate the amazing design and technology of Ferraris.” The Southwest Region is one of the most active chapters in the FCA and the annual tradition is a way for its members to “give back, take their cars out, and let the young kids and families come out and dream.” “We at the club want to inspire you and help you join the Ferrari family if that’s what you want to do,” Kidd said. In addition to the breathtaking Ferraris on display, spectators were also able to view some other notable supercars including a pair of Aston Martins, a Lotus F1 car, and a Nissan GT-R. Vendors were also on-hand to show automotive-related accessories and apparel.


Everyone wants to pose with the beauties on Colorado Boulevard (Albert Wong)

Judging from the caliber of cars on display, the wide grins on the faces of my fellow attendees, and my rekindled interest in owning a F355 - it’s fair to call the 2016 Concorso Ferrari a smashing success. About Ferrari Club of America Southwest Region (FCA Southwest Region) The FCA Southwest Region was established in 1994 and currently has over 600 members throughout Southern California and Hawaii. FCA Southwest Region is one of 16 FCA chapters throughout North America and has a full year round calendar of events including concours, track, rally, banquets and swap meets. For more information, go to


Ferraris of all vintages were represented at the Concorso (Glenn Oyoung)

[nggallery id=concorsoa1] [nggallery id=concorsoa2] To view more scenes from the 9th Annual Concorso Ferrari in Pasadena, California, click here.

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