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DreamWave Survivor car battery starter, Bluetooth speaker and LED flashlight

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Published on Sun, Jun 19, 2016

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


If this is a familiar sight, you may want a DreamWave Survivor (Gene Page photo, courtesy The Walking Dead/AMC)

You say your neighborhood looks like a scene straight out of “The Walking Dead”? Moreover, you drive around in a beater with a questionable battery life? And so do your neighbors? We’ve got just the product for you. Zombie fighter Bill Wright reports. By Bill Wright Years ago, my family used to journey into the wilds of northern Nevada to visit my “aunt” Peg in Unionville, NV. Unionville is a former mining town, now ghost town, located 20 miles or so south of I-80, roughly halfway between Lovelock and Winnemucca. Mark Twain writes about Unionville in Roughing It, as he spent some time there attempting to get rich quick mining for silver. Unionville is one of those places that’s literally off the beaten path … you would head east on I-80 from Reno to the exit for Nevada State Road 400. At this point you would head south into the desert for 18-19 miles. When the pavement ended you would turn right on a gravel/dirt road up to Unionville. I haven’t been to Unionville for about twenty years, but the last time I made that drive I remember thinking that it was kind of like going back in time as the various layers of today’s technology (cell phones, radio (except for Sat. Radio)) fell away. About now, the reader may be forgiven for asking (to paraphrase Slim Pickens as Taggart in Blazing Saddles) “what in the wide, wide world of sports does any of this have to do with the Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker + Speakerphone + Car Jump Starter + Bright LED Flashlight ..? Before I attempt to answer that query, allow me point out that the various parts of the Survivor do in fact function as advertised. It has a really bright flashlight, you can actually jump start your car with it if that is required, and the Bluetooth Speaker/Speakerphone play music, podcasts, whatever, and you can use it as a hands-free for your phone … Unfortunately, it is also kind of bulky and heavy. For me, the question isn’t, “does it work”, the question is, “who is this for in 2016?” There are any number of smaller, lighter Bluetooth Speakers, and small bright LED flashlights are cheap and available everywhere. This leaves the question of “just how often do people driving contemporary cars have to jump start them?” So, unless you are concerned about what might happen on the road to Unionville, or you’re into Zombie cosplay, I just don’t know who this product is for.


Is that a DreamWave Survivor that Glenn is carrying? (Gene Page photo, courtesy The Walking Dead/AMC)

SIDEBAR COMMENT The DreamWave Survivor won’t exactly fit in your back pocket. An AAA Automobile Club card will, and for most people, it’s far more practical. On the other hand, there may be places where Triple-A tow trucks won't go - like those places depicted on "The Walking Dead". Or maybe you don’t have time to wait for a tow truck to arrive. If your life includes encounters with occasional zombies and you happen to be stuck with driving around in a beater, this product may be for you. – Roy Nakano


DreamWave Survivor (LA Car photo)

Got something to say? Add your Facebook comments here. SPECIFICATIONS Name of product: DreamWave Survivor car battery starter, Bluetooth speaker and LED flashlight Price (MSRP): $300 Battery capacity rating: 12,000 mAh (rechargeable), 14 hours playback capability Controller types: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and PC apps Features: Speakerphone, USB slot, 3.5mm aux cable, jumper cables, single-channel dual full-range speakers plus dual tweeters Dimensions Length: 10.4 inches Width: 4.7 inches Height: 4.7 inches Curb weight: 4.2 pounds


DreamWave Survivor (LA Car photo)

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