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The Classic Auto Show is coming

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Published on Sun, Jan 22, 2017

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

bel air sunset

(photo by Mark Dapoz from the Woodward Dream Cruise)

By Brian Kennedy Those who have read my LA Auto Show coverage over the years know that I have one wish every year: that when I walk into the LA Convention Center, it will be full of classic cars—the auto show of my dreams. Someone’s made it happen. And it’s the weekend of January 27-29th. I don’t know if you’ve heard about this—I learned of it via an email blast from Hagerty Insurance. But the detail is online (more on this below). And since my first notice, I’ve seen some ads on Velocity TV also. But if you’re not a television watcher, or you don’t have Velocity on your cable system, this one might have gotten by you. But check this out. There will be hundreds of classic cars on display, of all sorts from Mustangs to Datsuns to more exotic marques. Many of the car people you’ve seen on TV will be there: Wayne Carini, Mike Brewer, Chip Foose, and others.


A 1967 Datsun sports car from the JCCS (R Nakano)

It looks also like you’d be able to chat with reps of almost any car club you can think of. I plan to see who’s who in the Mustang club world, as several representatives from various of those will be in booths just waiting for me to come by. Or you. Depends on your point of view. There will be lots of companies exhibiting plus a Catwalk of the best of the best classics. And they’re also promising a swap meet where you might find almost anything you’d need as a restorer. So this is Pomona, the Long Beach Grand Prix, your favorite car club meet, a celebrity meet and greet and about ten other events all rolled into one. In fact, if I talk about it any more, I’d going to need oxygen. So check out the website for yourself, and get there. I’m going. And I’m pretty sure I’m never going to look at an auto show the same way ever again. Got something to say? Add your Facebook comment regarding this article here. For more information about The Classic Auto Show, go to


The first production Mustang coupe at the Petersen (Brian Kennedy)

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