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The making of Hector Cademartori's 20th Anniversary Champions poster

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Published on Fri, Mar 24, 2017

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Every year, for the past 19 years, motorsports artist and LA Car Contributing Editor Hector Cademartori has done a collage with the winners of their major races for California's Auto Club Speedway. For its 20th anniversary, Auto Club Speedway has commissioned Hector to put together a poster of all the winners—and the Speedway has documented its creation in a video. Hector Cademartori refers to these 27 illustrations of Auto Club Speedway NASCAR winners as “profiles” and that they are. But, carefully-studied, each machine shows itself as a unique individual, somehow, through some trick or talent, this motorsports artist has found a way to breathe honest perspective to a flat painting of a race car. At first, there are too many of them, all pointed the same way, all racecars conforming to very strict technical rules. But focus on one car at a time and see each of these famous machines as a unique individual, frozen in time, precisely as it was on it’s own day of glory at Fontana. These are not what an engineer would refer to as “plan views”, they are not what a one-eyed camera would see placed directly where Hector puts the viewer’s eye. You can see a little way over the hood, under the car, into the wheel wells, the tire are aired-up to the precise numbers written on them, you understand the color scheme that was just a blur on the track and that always had too much else going on around it in the pits. You see these cars almost as animate beings, not simply a tools of the trade ... these are true profiles. Hector Cademartori adds, "The Speedway decided to do this video because in this day and age everybody would assume that the art was done by computer and not "old school". Brushes don't come with the "undo" icon when you make a mistake." Hector is unfailingly very gracious about autographing his work for fans and collectors ... I sincerely hope that the he will be given a copy of his own work with the autographs of all of the men who drove these cars to victory at the Speedway. - Doug Stokes

27 winners, 20 years, one race track - Auto Club Speedway (Hector Cademartori)

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