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LA's own automotive festivus for the rest of us, Sunday, June 25th

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Published on Tue, May 23, 2017

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


Originally called the “Literature Faire” ... AutoFest2017 carries on a decades-old annual LA tradition that mixes an amazing array of automotive memorabilia into one magic morning in June when memories are stirred, old friends meet, treasures are found, and automobiles in all their variations are celebrated, (... and where some of us find copies of the Road & Track magazines that our Moms threw out when we went off to college).


Like Brigadoon, (or more “LA” perhaps a LudoBites pop-up), AutoFest is real for only one day of the year. It is said that true believers from around the world, set their annual calendars for the date. Of course they all arrive early, with cash in hand, ready to buy when they see something that they want be it magazine, book, painting, model car, car badge, poster, ashtray, hat, pin, advertising giveaway, or other autotrinket that they didn’t know until right that very second was something that they somehow always knew that they could not live without.


AutoFest is like that ... a true gathering of the faithful, a seminar in vintage values, and a bazaar that’s as unique and interesting as much because of the people that it attracts as the items that are up for sale. There’s a story here with every item ... verbal provenance, spellbinding. Unsolicited Advice: comfortable shoes, layers, water bottle, perhaps a jaunty cap, cash, and (above all) a sharp eye. And, if you see it and you need it, buy it ... wait until “later” in peril of someone else needing that item even more than you before you can get back around (IF you can remember where that vendor was located) to it.

the kid with the cars

Prices at AutoFest2017 are generally quite fair. And the location is a good one, easy to get to, easy parking and a great motorsports museum to visit when one is through AutoFesting. Hope to see you there! –DS There are still a few vendor spaces available: call 559.760.1143 or go to [email protected] To go to the AutoFest 2017 application form, click here. a non-profit event of:



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