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Published on Wed, Apr 28, 2010

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


(Roy Nakano) AVERAGE HONEYMOON PERIOD: 4 MONTHS FOR MEN, 14 FOR WOMEN You know the honeymoon’s over when you give your wife money for dinner and ask for the change. Love doctors have spent countless hours calculating the honeymoon stage somewhere between seven years and 24 hours. What’s the honeymoon period on a car? polled roughly 2,500 men and women and received some humorous feedback. LeaseTrader set up the survey to ask men and women how long they loved their car and when they finally realized the honeymoon period was over. For men, the average was four months until they started parking close to other cars (33%) and began transporting sports equipment in the backseat (22%). The survey also finds huge differences between men and women. Women are over three-times more likely to stay in love longer with their car compared to men. The first rules women started breaking are letting their spouse drive their car (39%) and starting to car pool other kids (24%) for the first time. “Generally drivers living a leasing lifestyle have a shorter honeymoon period with their car,” said Sergio Stiberman, CEO of The honeymoon period is over when the following occurs: Men: Parks around other cars (33%) Starts transporting sports equipment (22%) Less frequent car cleaning (17%) High-payment starts to bother them (12%) Stops using gas mileage button (7%) No more fights over who drives during long trips (3%) Other (6%) Women: Lets spouse finally drive car (39%) Starts car-pooling other kids (24%) Started eating in car (12%) Puts makeup on while driving (9%) Leaves clothes in car (6%) Starts smoking in car (2%) Other (8%) Editor's note: LeaseTrader matches car shoppers with individuals looking to escape their auto lease. Privately held and founded in 1998, is headquartered in Miami. For more information visit, or Twitter @Lease_Trader.

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