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This article is from our archives and has not been updated and integrated with our "new" site yet... Even so, it's still awesome - so keep reading!

Published on Thu, May 27, 2010

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


And now a word from LA CAR's review editor... Greetings! Rumors will soon be swirling that a video documentary based upon my book Where They Raced is underway. These rumors are true. I have been approached by Harry Pallenberg, a producer for Huell Howser Productions, regarding this project and I have accepted his terms. He and I have been friendly since shooting a California's Gold episode at the Corona circle in 2002. This project is not related to Huell Howser Productions in any way other than Harry's day job is there. I am providing all the support I can and will speak up when needed, but this is Harry's project. He knows more about video production and distribution than I ever will. He's created a website with project description at This site just went active a few hours ago. We are actively seeking funding, both private and corporate. Please step up if you can and help spread the word. You can reach Harry directly via: [email protected] This will be a terrific project for Los Angeles racing fans as well as those just interested in Los Angeles history in general. So, yes, the rumor is true. Working with Harry will be quite an adventure and I am excited about Where They Raced reaching a wider audience. This will be a fun ride! Safe Travels, Harold Osmer 818.657.9792 About the director/producer, Harry Pallenberg: Produced over 800 shows at KCET – PBS in Los Angeles for Huell Howser Productions (15 years). The signature series CALIFORNIA’S GOLD is seen statewide and on the Armed Forces Radio & TV network. The show has received numerous awards for our strong focus on California, its rich history, amazing people and stunning natural beauty. Produced & directed two feature documentaries. The first is SHOTGUN FREEWAY: Drives through Lost L.A. Starring Buck Henry, David Hockney, Joan Didion, James Ellroy. . And, WOMEN IN BOXES: A Documentary on Magic’s Better Half, is currently airing on The Documentary Channel and can be pre-ordered on Netflix now. Coming to iTunes this summer.

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