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Published on Fri, Jun 4, 2010

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

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It's the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience Words by John Grafman Pictures by Timo Hulett Beverly Hills and Fontana are a little bit closer than you might think—if not in miles, at least in spirit. There can be only one explanation for this, it’s the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience. What started out as a gathering of 10 enthusiasts, and the cooperation of Beverly Hills Lamborghini, has now grown into a full-fledged event. Certainly, there are other gatherings of Lamborghinis, and other track experiences offered by many clubs, but how many can actually say Valentino Balboni was on hand giving tips and hot laps?

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Valentino Balboni While it isn't necessarily incredible to have a gathering of Lamborghinis on a weekend day, it is amazing to have 50 in the middle of the week far beyond the outskirts of glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. This love-in is taking place on June 3, 2010, in Fontana at the AAA California Speedway. But until they can find the space to place the racetrack in Beverly Hills or Century City, this will have to do. This is the third time the stars have aligned themselves just right where so many wonderful cars and great people of been able to come together to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.These people aren’t just looking to schmooze, they’ve come to drive. They have the cars, and damn if they aren’t going to get the out on the big bank turns.

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The California Speedway is definitely a world-class track, so it’s very fitting having this Italian brand participating at this venue. Al and Ed's Autosound has been a key supporter for the third year in a row, and numerous others are finding this is the one event to be a part of as well, including Kenwood Giovanna Wheels, Black and White Car Rental, NTT transport,Corsa Car Care. Specialty Car Craft, Cavallino Jewelers, Garage, and CXC Simulators. But the ultimate Lamborghini experience is more than just a get-together, and prior to taking to track each driver must attend the technical session in the classroom outlining the dos and don'ts of high-speed driving. In addition, each driver has a personal co-pilot consisting of a current or former race car driver. These private tutors know exactly what to do and provide the personal attention any enthusiast could wish for.

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Plenty of track time is allocated for each driver for the most part. Of course, any enthusiast would argue that there's never enough time on the track. Fortunately, for those people there is an alternative on hand. When off-track, the very next best thing comes from CXC Simulators, which provides an extremely realistic driving experience. These motion-controlled simulators with three panel screens provide a very good second opportunity to enjoy the experience anytime. The simulators can even be programmed for a variety of tracks and vehicles and best of all these require no insurance or tires. The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience allows those that have the toys a chance to go out and play without the concern of the police issuing an APB. The get in price for this isn’t what we would classify as inexpensive, but neither are Lamborghinis. In the world of yachts and private jets, this really is a deal. The other option is to have your own private course, but in a pinch, this will do.

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Fortunately, the legendary Valentino Balboni, a 42-year veteran, consultant and brand ambassador for Automobili Lamborghini SpA, is personally able to show just why he is so revered. An opportunity to sit beside him is a rare opportunity, and his spirit is imparted on those lucky enough to attend. Those looking for the ultimate have just found it. To see more, go to Scenes from the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience For information about the sponsors, please go to:

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