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Published on Thu, Jun 24, 2010

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


“Owners waxed poetic about sliding doors.” Survey respondents report they are in love with their minivans When you think about minivans, "The best car in the world!" probably isn't the first description that comes to mind. Minivan owners beg to differ, according to a survey conducted by Honk. Minivan owners consider the minivan an indispensable tool for the modern family life. The Honk study was comprised of a quantitative and qualitative section, with an online survey being used to identify large themes and follow-up interviews employed to build a deeper understanding of key issues. An overwhelming majority (86.1 percent) of respondents in the survey reported that they are in love with their minivans and that the vehicle changed their lives. In follow-up interviews, they waxed poetic about sliding doors, fold-down seats, extra space, and how minivans served as a source of stability and convenience in their frantic family life. Sliding doors were singled out as a key family feature. Parents explained that sliding doors provided vital peace of mind in parking lots, where children can sometimes swing doors open quickly and risk denting a neighboring car. Sliding doors also make loading and unloading cargo and children easy. In their own words, respondents explain: ° "I wanted an SUV...then I hit a button, the side door opened and I very easily put the infant carrier into the seat...SOLD!" ° "For traveling more than an hour, minivans are great. My kids don't fight anymore because each gets their own row." ° "I always used to say I would never drive a minivan. Then I had two kids and I needed the extra space. We also have a St. Bernard for our family pet and he's now able to travel with us. I love my minivan and am very proud of it." Results from the survey indicate that minivan buyers were most impressed by how well suited their minivans were for family life. 87.6 percent of respondents were amazed at the functionality and felt that minivan made life easier: ° "I decided to get one because it seemed more practical. The space, the ride quality, the gas mileage. I just did not feel beat up like I used to after driving my old SUV." ° "We just actually went back to a van after an SUV and I am amazed at how I functioned without it for three years!" ° "No one can convince anyone until they see for themselves how minivans are the cars that every parent would like to drive: comfortable, roomy and excellent to drive." Honk fielded the study from April to May of 2010 to gauge opinions about minivans and asked owners for feedback on their vehicles. The online survey portion of the study received responses from 204 people and follow-up interviews were conducted with an additional 25 respondents. 75 percent of respondents either currently owned a minivan or had owned a minivan in the past and 65 percent of all respondents were female.

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