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Published on Tue, Jul 13, 2010

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


THE WINDING ROAD TOWARD NISSAN LEAF OWNERSHIP We've been eagerly awaiting further details about the next stage in the delivery process of our pre-ordered Nissan Leaf but it looks like the company has hit a snag. While some lucky folks in the early roll-out states like California and Oregon, where the company was able to form cooperative partnerships with the state, municipality, utility company or others, have scheduled their home inspections for potential electric car charging station installation, we're among those who got a vague email from Nissan saying they are working out details of the ordering process and we'd hear back "later this summer." We're guessing Nissan was not prepared for the huge level of interest they have had. Hopefully, the company will get the situation resolved quickly but we'll keep you updated. On a not-totally unrelated note: Washington state is planning to turn its Interstate 5 into part of the "West Coast Green Highway," joining Oregon, California and British Columbia in plans to make the entirety of I-5 into a green highway with recharging stations and alternative fuel stations along the length of the 1,350-mile road. According to the New York Times, "Gov. Chris Gregoire of Washington announced that the state would install electric car charging stations along the length of Interstate 5 so that electric car owners would be able to drive not just around town, but the full 276 miles from its border with Canada to its border with Oregon. The stations are to be financed by $1.3 million in federal stimulus money. The goal is to place public-access electric vehicle fast-charge stations every 40 to 60 miles by the end of 2010." Sounds good to us. Ailis Aaron Wolf, Hybrid Owners of America

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