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Published on Wed, Aug 18, 2010

By: The LACar Editorial Staff


LA CAR has reviewed numerous Bluetooth headset units in the past few years, from small companies like Aliph and Cardo Systems, and big companies like Motorola and Samsung. We’ve heard the best (Plantronics Voyager PRO), we’ve seen some of the prettiest (the Bang & Olufsen-designed WEP420 and the Discovery 975), and even tested through-the-car-stereo units (the MOTOROKR T505). Some of these carried some pretty hefty price tags. A favorite, however, continues to be the least expensive we’ve every tested: The Plantronics Voyager 520. We like its combination of very good sound and light weight, but most of all its comfort and its ability to stay on the ear in all conditions. That has not always been the case with many of the more expensive models. Some always managed to fall off at some point, while others felt like they would (adding unnecessary worries to the user). That was never the case with the Voyager 520. Well, Plantronics has finally introduced a worthy successor to the Voyager 520. It’s called the M100, and retains all of the attributes of the 520: comfort, ability to stay on the ear under all conditions, ease of use, and, of course, good sound.


One of the slimmest Bluetooth headsets—the device is eight mm thin—the M100 delivers very good audio performance by incorporating dual microphones, wind-noise reduction and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. The Plantronics M100 is easy to setup and use, and includes convenient voice alerts for remaining talk-time, low-battery, mute, and connection status. A new feature for iPhone users allows them to monitor headset battery levels with an on-screen battery meter. The M100 automatically adjusts to sound levels, so users remain hands-free and able to focus on the task at hand. Like the Voyager 520, having the M100 jar loose during active use is virtually impossible, which means you don't have to worry whether the unit is about to fall off--a good thing. It's actually even more comfortable and less conspicuous than the 520. The 520 could never be passed off as a fashion statement. While no one will confuse the M100 as a piece of jewelry, it is attractive and unobtrusive. The sound quality exceeds that of the 520. The Plantronics M100 carries an MSRP price tag of $79.99 and is available now at and at Best Buy and Radio Shack. Broader availability will follow in September. SUMMARY JUDGMENT Meet the new best buy in Bluetooth headseat units. - Roy Nakano VITAL STATISTICS Name of product: Plantronics M100 Bluetooth headset Price (MSRP): $79.99 Color: Charcoal Gray. Also available in multiple color accents: Glow Green, Electric Blue and Sparkle Pink. Other M100 features include: • Multipoint technology pairs one headset to two Bluetooth devices. • Battery that provides up to six hours of talk-time and 10 days of stand-by life. • Soft gel ear tips, in three different sizes, together with an optional ear loop. • 9 grams in weight and 8 mm thin. Review source: Supplied in advance of the release date by manufacturer Manufacturer: Plantronics

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