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Published on Mon, Feb 28, 2011

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Planters new peanut oil-powered NutMobile

By Reed Berry Many stars have been born in Hollywood. The newest star in Tinseltown, however, moves on four wheels and is shaped like an ingredient you’ll find in a tasty bowl of kung pao chicken. Members of the press have been summoned to the parking lot of a trendy Hollywood club for the unveiling of Planters new biodiesel NutMobile. This vehicle is not your average giant rolling peanut. Ok, so maybe there’s no such thing as an average giant rolling peanut, but the point is that the biodiesel NutMobile harnesses the power of sunlight, wind and, yes, peanut oil. You frequently hear vehicles described as ‘sporty’, ‘stylish’ or ‘fuel efficient’. This vehicle can actually be described as sustainable. Built on a 2011 Isuzu NPR two-ton cab and chassis, the Planters NutMobile runs cleanly and efficiently on a mixture of diesel and biodiesel fuel. Batteries are charged by solar panels at the rear of the vehicle and by a wind turbine built into the roof above the cab. The NutMobile uses Selective Catalytic Reduction to meet EPA heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards.


The “eye-catching” nutty exterior is made of non-toxic, solvent-free epoxy. The driver and passenger side of the vehicle has recycled steel frames and windows from Ford vehicles. The windshield frame is also recycled from other vehicles and the windshield itself is made of 100 percent recycled glass. But the eco-friendliness doesn’t stop on the outside of the NutMobile. Inside, low voltage lighting is designed to save energy. A gift of nature that keeps on giving more than 170 years later, interior flooring is made of wood reclaimed from an 1840 barn in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The unveiling of the NutMobile is designed to draw attention to Planters 2011 ‘Naturally Remarkable’ Tour, the goal of which is to encourage communities across America to grow stronger through service and conservation. As part of the tour, Planters will turn unused land into peanut-shaped recreational spaces known as Planters Groves. These unique public spaces will be built by and for local communities with the help of a national network of conservation volunteers and will be designed using reclaimed materials. Native trees and plants from the legume family will be planted and grown, and this ambitious tour will undoubtedly encourage people to become volunteer planters. While others are planned in the future, the inaugural Planters Groves will be developed throughout 2011 in New Orleans, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and New York City. This event in Hollywood is the NutMobile’s first stop on a planned tour of 16 major cities across America.

Mr Peanut riding on more old-fashioned but equally eco-friendly wheels

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