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Published on Sat, Mar 12, 2011

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

The race-kitted Skip Barber Racing School edition Mazda2

With the spider stories grabbing the attention of Mazda6 watchers, it might be easy to overlook the other offerings from the land of Zoom. At a recent Mazda event at Wild Rivers in Irvine the media got a little drive-time in the Mazda 2 and 3. Here are a few shots of the new Mazda 2 and four-door Mazda 3 as well as two cars from Skip Barber Racing School. Both of the stock-version Mazdas were great fun to drive on the track, but you can of course imagine the thrill of driving a race-kitted Mazda... It's never enough! Feedback from the trained professionals of Skip Barber Racing School is always appreciated as well. - John-Fredrik Wright

Fore: Mazda2; aft: Mazda3

The Skip Barber Racing School edition Mazda


Above and below: The race-kitted Skip Barber Racing School edition Mazda Miata MX5


The Mazda3 in stock form

The Mazda2 in stock form

SEMA-ized Mazdas in various stages of tune

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