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Published on Mon, May 9, 2011

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Fisker, Gioia, and Tavares on the electric car panel at Fortune Brainstorm Green 2011 (Photos by Russ Curtis)

Words by John Grafman Pictures by Russ Curtis This is the fourth annual Fortune Brainstorm Green conference. Fortune Magazine provides coordination, wrangling featured speakers from the most respected leaders in numerous fields. These include agriculture, banking, chemical, computer, energy, entertainment, internet, and transportation companies, amongst others. While the conferences debates the success of big business the few hundred attendees also delve into a heavier subject: the sustainability of mankind. The caliber of the attendees sets this gathering apart from so many other conferences. Two years ago Bill Clinton found time to appear, and last year Bill Ford (of Ford Motor Company) spent three days listening, learning, and then he found himself as an unscheduled speaker. No less mesmerizing this year is Sir Richard Branson. His after dinner chat highlights Virgin’s foray into space, the bottom of the ocean, and the reason leaders need to take the reins when it comes to sustainability.

Sir Richard Branson at Fortune Brainstorm Green 2011 (Russ Curtis)

So why should the automotive and related companies send the top brass and VPs of sustainability to this three day gathering? As it turns out being a “green” company is not just good for the world, but it’s often good for the bottom line. In effect, being green really brings in the green. Another featured speaker comes from the transportation business. David Neeleman isn’t the type that has his head in the clouds, but his planes are. His ideas might be forward thinking, yet grounded in good basic principles. David founded Jet Blue, and his latest airline company is Azul in Brazil, which is working to clean up the aviation business. He understands that petroleum base fuels not only burn dirty, but also leave airline profits at the mercy of petroleum companies. He is working with researchers to develop a fuel that can be produced from sugar cane, which is plentiful in Brazil. This ethanol fuel is already used extensively for cars in the South American country. Additionally, bio-fuel from cane is easier to produce compared with corn. This could be an ideal opportunity for similar regions in the world, like Hawaii.

David Neeleman (Russ Curtis)

Electric cars are the hot topic of the day. Will the world be ready for the changes this represents? The subject of building the electric-car infrastructure is appropriate for the discussion panel. The members for this topic are Tom Baloga, VP Engineering U.S. BMW of NA, and president of BMW Technology Corp; Michael Bissonetter, Sr. VP and General Manager at Efficient Energy Systems/Aerovironment; Oliver Hazimeh, Director and e-Mobility Practice Lead of PRTM; Steven “Mac” Heller, Executive Chairman of Coda Automotive; and lastly Mark Vachon, VP, ecomagination at GE. The well-rounded panel covers a number of technologies that are being implemented, both in the US and around the world. One such interesting development is the growth of replaceable batteries. The idea is catching on for some specific needs, such as electric taxicabs. One of the game changing advances that the panel overlooked is the upcoming fast-charging battery. If this proves out, the need for an all-new infrastructure might just need to be reconsidered. Who will win the electric car race is the last of the discussion panels, and this features speakers from Fisker, Ford and Nissan. While the moderator from Fortune is poking, prodding, and looking for a silver bullet to our vehicle needs, the panel has a broader approach. Carlos Tavares, EVP of Nissan Motor Company and Chairman of Nissan Americas; along with Nancy Gioia, Director of Global Electrification at Ford Motor Company share the belief that a diverse portfolio of drive options will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker Automotive is focusing on a smaller demographic with a luxury extended range product. Henrik and his company are keeping a narrow focus with a car (the Fisker Karma) that will be attractive to a few thousands buyers of means. Those in this segment need a no compromise solution when it comes to range, yet still want a transport that can offer short range jaunts on pure electric. The reality is that the marketplace will determine which technology will be the front-runner in our energy and transportation future. The dozens of extraordinarily brilliant speakers shine light on various subjects. This is both educational, and it promotes confidence in others to follow suit. The Fortune Brainstorm Green conference allows ample social opportunities to meet and generate new ideas and collaborations.

Laird Hamilton (Russ Curtis)

The icing on the cake is the final speaker, big wave rider Laird Hamilton. Unlike the others, Laird doesn’t preside over a billion-dollar company. But his involvement in the ocean is more than just fun and games. Laird, along with Jim Terrell of Quickblade Paddles, and other watermen, provide the guests an early morning stand-up paddling session in the surf in front of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel. This is more than a chance to play in the surf with world-class athletes. Getting wet allows the CEOs, VPs and the rest to understand that making the world a better place isn’t an abstract thought. The difference between looking at a photo of a wave and riding one is as different as night and day. Getting the top brass immersed in sustainability and taking time to understand that this is our world is paramount. The first step is to appreciate a sparkling, unpolluted world, and enjoy all that a clean environment provides us. After that, the rest is easy. For videos of the speakers, discussion panels, and more, go to

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