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All You Need to Know About Classic Morgan Cars

Published on Fri, Oct 9, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

One of Britain's most prestigious automakers continues style and craftsmanship of an era gone by, while retaining competitive performance.

The Morgan Motor Company is one of the oldest car manufacturers in Britain. Its founder H. F. Morgan began the business more than 110 years ago. Since then, car production has never stopped, and the company produces about 800 cars a year, comprised of the 3-Wheeler, Plus Four and Plus Six models. What do you need to know about classic Morgan cars? Let‘s have a look at the five main things:

Classic Morgan cars retain iconic styling
Classic Morgan cars retain iconic styling


This manufacturer has remained unchanged since the establishment of the company. That’s why every new model the company makes is full of heritage and history. Can you imagine? More than 110 years of tradition in engineering, design and manufacturing. It is unlikely to find another manufacturer to which it would be so important to preserve and nurture what was created by the Morgan founder. Therefore, it is obvious that this car is completely unique in terms of design, production and tradition.

Three Core Elements

Three main elements are used in the production of Morgan cars: wood, aluminum and leather. Even though the majority of companies do not use wooden frames, Morgan Motor Company, as it was mentioned before, specializes in them. Wood is a strong and lightweight material. In addition, the wood helps the professionals create the subtle lines and rolled edges inherent in these car models. Such a frame is finally coated with lightweight aluminum and prepared for painting. Leather, meanwhile, is a key element of a car’s interior that gives the impression of luxury, sustainability and quality.


Those who doubt whether the Morgan classic cars would have enough power - rest assured, they do. The car manufacturer uses BMW, Ford and S&S engines for its models. It means that, for example, the top speed 3-Wheeler may reach 115 mph, while the Plus Four can get up to 140 mph and the Plus Six 166 mph. What is more, new models come with power steering which makes your driving much easier. Many of them have servo-assisted brakes as well.


The new Plus Four model can cost about $70,000, and the 3-Wheeler runs about $45,000. Meanwhile, the price of a Morgan Plus Six can range from $100,000 and up. These are the prices listed for base car models. Meanwhile, those who want to choose the specifications of the car themselves will have to pay extra. Older Morgan car models, depending on specifications and year of manufacture, can be purchased both cheaper than brand new ones, or much more. Prices of Morgan cars can have a wide range, so every Morgan enthusiast will find an affordable option.


Some may ask, whether Morgan cars have made any changes in car safety, or do they remain faithful to the original model? Indeed, Morgan classic cars do not have airbags. So it would be hard to say that these cars are really safe. Furthermore, Morgan cars have never been crash tested. Therefore, it is necessary to remember this before sitting behind the wheel of Morgan classic car and pay more attention to responsible driving.

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