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Charlie, Silver, and Blue

Published on Wed, Oct 3, 2018

By: Glenn Oyoung

Chevrolet releases study of most popular truck names, right in time for National Name Your Car Day

Big Red took the national title while we had our own thoughts on truck names in California
2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss

The marketing gurus at Chevrolet continue to surprise me in just how deep they want to get  into the psyche of their customers. Chevy released the results of a study they conducted with Harris Poll to find out how they feel about their beloved trucks, how  they use them, and even what they name them right in  time for National Name Your Car Day (yes that is a real thing, look it up).

While I often snicker at the IG  posts of people who have named their cars, I must sheepishly admit I am a car-namer too. If you love cars then how can you not give your beloved a name? Turns out a lot of truck lovers agree – which makes sense since the connection between pickup truck owner and pickup truck is well-established. For proof, listen to every 4th country song. Apparently  27% of truck owners agree and love their trucks so much that they insist on naming them.

Betsy is the most popular pickup truck name nationwide. The second most popular name is Big Red and variants of it  (Big Red,  Little Red, Old Red…you get it). But of course this is California and we like to be different/special.  Our hamburgers are the best  (To be  clear I am referring to In-N-Out, thank you very  much. None of this Shake Shack stuff for me I don’t care if you poll four guys or Five Guys <— see what I did  there?) Our truck names are therefore unique. Check out  the cool graphic below from Chevy on the Golden State’s most popular truck names which include Charlie, Silver, and Blue.

Cecil huh? I’ll take #Beast

Some more interesting survey results for your reading pleasure:


  • 89% of U.S. pickup drivers have used their pickup truck to help others.
  • 33% have helped tow a friend or family’s car.
  • 33% have used their pickup truck to support a school, community or charitable cause.


  • 57% of U.S. pickup drivers consider their pickup truck a part of the family.
  • 45% plan on passing their pickup truck down to a child or loved one.
  • 38% say they love their pickup truck more than any other object they own.
  • 60% say they “can’t live without” their pickup truck.


  • 26% learned how to drive in a pickup truck.
  • 10% have brought a baby home from the hospital in a pickup truck.
  • 9% had their first kiss in a pickup truck.


  • 38% think driving a pickup truck makes them more attractive.
  • 37% believe driving a pickup truck makes them more popular.

All this research is not just fun and games for Chevy. The bowtie masters have sold almost 1 million mid-size, light-duty,  and heavy-duty trucks since 2017 – more than any other automaker for four consecutive years.  That’s a lot of Charlies and Beasts.  Speaking of which, this year we are looking forward to trying out Chevy’s latest  “Beast” – the Colorado ZR2 Bison.

Consider yourself entertained and educated. Special thanks to Chevrolet for helping  us get through Hump Day AND  National Name Your Car Day in one fell swoop.

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