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Covering the C10 Intervention

Published on Tue, Sep 22, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Truck lovers from all over California flocked to the C10 Intervention, and LACar correspondent Matthew Eugenio was there to see it all.

2020 C10 Intervention
2020 C10 Intervention. Photo by United Pacific

While it may seem that most large automotive events have been cancelled for 2020, C10 Intervention wasn’t one of them. Happening every September in Northern California since its inaugural event in 2018, C10 owners from all over California and neighboring states gathered together to admit to their addiction to the beloved C10. Regardless of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the wildfires that have transpired recently, what’s that famous saying again?

“The show must go on.”

2020 C10 Intervention
2020 C10 Intervention. Photo by United Pacific

Organized by Tony Ortega, president of C10 Club Sacramento, and Carlos Vidales of Dropped Lower, the two brains of operation put together another fantastic event despite all the obstacles 2020 threw their way. Held at Gold Country Fairgrounds & Event Center in the city of Auburn, the old rustic aesthetic of the small town was quite fitting for all the classic trucks that flooded the surrounding area all weekend long.

2020 C10 Intervention
2020 C10 Intervention. Photo by United Pacific

Many vendors filled the venue that included the likes of Provost Motorsports, Classic Performance Products, C10 Talk, United Pacific, and many more. Making up most of the real estate was a sea of C10s that made it out to Auburn, CA to collectively admit to their addiction – the uncontrollable love of the Chevy classic pickup truck. Coming in all generations, colors, and styles, it was great to see the passion for the C10 burning as strong as ever.

orange truck
2020 C10 Intervention. Photo by United Pacific

Even though temperatures were well in the 100s, it didn’t stop the massive number of spectators to come check out the show. Braving the heat was one thing, but for whatever reason, humidity was pretty darn high – making it feel like we were in Orlando and not in NorCal. For a majority of the show, it was overcast with significant cloud cover, but with tones of orange/red reminding us of the nearby fires that were still happening. Luckily, we were far enough to not smell any smoke or see ash falling from the sky.

Going up against a global pandemic, local wildfires, and heat waves, C10 Intervention showed just how dedicated (addicted) the Chevy/GM classic truck community is. This year’s event was an absolute blast and we can’t wait for the next one!

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