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First Official Photos of the Genesis GV80 Released

Published on Wed, Jan 1, 2020

By: Collin Morgan

We may have a potential Escalade killer in the works.

While Genesis’ inaugural SUV has been talked about since the debut of the concept in early 2017, the first official photos of the GV80 have now been released. Judging by the pictures, the GV80 embraces Genesis’ idea of ‘athletic elegance’ perfectly. The SUV looks sleek, yet strong. With a massive influx of 7-seaters hitting the market, Genesis appears to have visually set the GV80 from the rest.

Genesis GV80
Genesis GV80

With the Escalade getting revamped, it could be very interesting to see the duel between Cadillac’s pride and joy and the GV80. Genesis has a challenge ahead of itself, as bursting into the congested large-SUV market will be no easy task. Genesis has been quite successful in the sedan sector and introducing the GV90 shows that the South Korean company is ready for the next step.

Luc Donckerwolke, Executive Vice President and Chief Design Officer of Hyundai Motor Group says, “GV80 allows us to expand our definition of Athletic Elegance design language to a new typology, while retaining sublime proportionality and sophistication of form.”

Genesis GV80
Genesis GV80

On the exterior, the defined Parabolic Line graces the side of the SUV and accentuates the strong stature of the vehicle. Surrounding the GV80 are Genesis’ signature Quad Lamps, each boasting high-tech qualities. The gorgeous wheels are inspired by ‘beautiful orchids seen when diamonds are illuminated by light.’

Sang Yup Lee, Senior Vice President, Head of Genesis Design says, “The Quad Lamp, our design signature, introduces an unmistakable visual impression completely unique to Genesis.”

Genesis GV80
Genesis GV80

On the interior, the GV80 embraces South Korea’s elegant architectural aesthetic with a high driving position, minimal physical buttons, and a jewel-like rotating electronic gear selector. Overall, the interior emits a sense of comfort and prestige, with a touch of graceful ease-of-use. The global launch of the GV80 is set for 2020.

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