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Introducing the Concours d’Cancelation

Published on Fri, Nov 6, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

The Concours d’Cancelation is a virtual extravaganza featuring some of the world’s top concours events, and the winners will be announced November 8th.

Concours d'Cancelation

Concours events are extremely important to the car world. They keep classic car markets up to date, invite enthusiasts from around the world to come together, and prohibit these beautiful cars from fading out of memory.

Concours events also serve as significant charity functions, raising millions for local and national causes every year. Sadly, almost every concours event in the U.S. has been cancelled this year because of COVID-19. As a result, many of the concours organizers and benefactors are struggling mightily. That’s where the Concours d’Cancelation comes in.

Introducing the Concours d’ Cancelation presented by Hagerty: a virtual event to benefit canceled concours and their associated charities.

Concours d'Cancelation

The Concours d’Cancelation is a professionally judged event and features a multitude of classes consisting of all the classic cars we love. The final award ceremony will take place on November 8, 2020 and will be available to watch on YouTube.

Every concours event in the world will be invited to participate, with each event welcome to invite up to ten car collectors whom they would like to see have a car included in the Concours d’Cancelation. These “best of” cars will take up roughly half the field, with the other half sourced from the wider enthusiast community, which will be studied by the selection committee.

There is NO COST to enter or spectate, however, we highly recommend that all who wish to help support the Concours d’Cancelation donate what they can to involved concours events. These donation portals are clearly marked on

List Of Participating Events

Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance

Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival and Concours d’ Elegance

Radnor Hunt Concours d’ Elegance

Greenwich Concours

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

New York City Concours

Cobble Beach Concours

Greenwich Concours

Keels and Wheels Concours d’ Elegance

Concours d’ Elegance of America

Lime Rock Park’s Sunday in the Park Concours

The Quail

Panel of Judges:

Bill Warner

JC Osteen

Tim McNair

Alan Galbraith

Michael Kunz

Corky Coker

Sam Posey

Jim Farley

Colin Comer

Wayne Carini

McKeel Hagerty

Peter Brock

Tim Suddard

Brian Johnson

Jay Ward

Mike Joy

David Lilywhite

Tom Cotter

Mile Tillson

Ken Gross

And many others

Proposed Classes:

American Antique (1900-1931)

American Antique (1932-1948)

American Antique (1949-1969)

European Coachwork (prewar)

European Coachwork (postwar)




Aston Martin

Ford vs. Ferrari

Race cars (prewar)

Race cars (1946-1962)

Race cars (1963-1972)

Race cars (1973-1989)

Featured Designer: Karmann

Sports Cars (prewar)

Sports and GT Cars (1946-1959)

Sports and GT Cars (1960-1969)

Sports and GT Cars (1970-1980)

Micro Cars

At the Beach (cars that evoke a beachy feeling)

Greatest Supercars

Cars of Main Street -pre 1975 (cars with a value of less than $25,000 in #1 condition according to the Hagerty Valuation Tool)

Historic Hot Rods

Preservation class

Cars of the ’80s and ’90s

Oddballs and Oddities

To get involved, contact Concours Chairman Tim Suddard (386) 299-4279 • [email protected]

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