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Lamborghini Celebrates the 10,000th Urus

Published on Fri, Jul 24, 2020

By: Collin Morgan

The 10,000th edition of the maniacal Urus is a shining testament to the success of the SUV that ballooned Lamborghini sales.

Lamborghini has produced the 10,000th Urus
Lamborghini has produced the 10,000th Urus

The instantly recognizable Lamborghini Urus has supercar speed combined with road-trip room, two features that have been blended together ingeniously. Because of the SUV market boom in the 2010’s, every manufacturer jumped into the mix to create an extremely competitive vehicular gladiator match. Even supercar brands like Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini went all out for the SUV crown.

Of these ridiculously fast SUVs, you could argue that the Urus is the most stunning. It looks exactly how a Lamborghini SUV should. And with 641 horsepower, you won’t be gawking at it very long.

Lamborghini has produced the 10,000th Urus
Lamborghini has produced the 10,000th Urus

Due to the popularity, Lamborghini has enjoyed an impressive jump in sales. In 2017, Lamborghini doubled the size of its headquarters site, increasing from 80,000 to 160,000 m² in preparation for Urus production. It paid off. In 2019, the first full year the Urus was present on the market, 4,962 units were delivered to customers.

That might not sound like a lot, but for a niche-based supercar manufacturer, that’s impressive.

So impressive that the 10,000th Urus just rolled off the production line in Sant’Agata. The unique Urus is destined for Russia donning the new Nero Noctis Matte black color. The 10,000th Urus is also equipped with the carbon fiber package and two-tone Ad Personam interiors in black and orange, complimented by numerous carbon fiber components.

Lamborghini has produced the 10,000th Urus
Lamborghini has produced the 10,000th Urus

Lamborghini has always been a strong enabler of customer customization. In June 2020, a new color collection was presented for the Urus consisting of Urus Pearl Capsule, Giallo Inti (yellow), Arancio Borealis (orange), and Verde Mantis (green).

Congratulations, Lamborghini. Here’s to the next 10,000. Keep on making cars for us to drool over.

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