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A LEGO Full-Sized McLaren Senna Is Now A Real Thing

Published on Thu, Mar 28, 2019

By: Andrew Beckford

Yes, you are actually looking at a LEGO full-sized McLaren Senna. It took 50 people nearly 5,000 hours and took 467,854 Lego bricks to complete.

If you know me then you probably know that I have a bit of a “Lego” addiction. Luckily I don’t have nearly the amount of disposable income required to buy all the Lego sets I currently want but that definitely doesn’t stop me from drooling over them anyway.

In recent years Lego has been producing more high-end automotive sets like the Technic Bugatti Chiron, Porsche 911 RSR, and all the Speed Champions sets.

To help promote those sets and their partnerships with the automotive OEMs they work with, occasionally Lego will build life-size versions of super cars out of their iconic plastic bricks.

All together the Lego full-sized McLaren Senna weighs 3,348lbs; which is over 1,000lbs more than what a real McLaren Senna weighs.

While all of that is really impressive, what really sets this build apart is that it is the first life-sized automotive Lego build that incorporates components from its real counterpart.

For example you’ll find the same carbon fiber seats, steering wheel, pedals, wheels, tires, and badges found on the real Senna.

One of my favorite things about this is that despite the wheels being real the brake rotors behind them are still 100% Lego bricks.

Because this Lego full-sized McLaren uses real seats, it is also the first life-sized build that a person can actually sit in!

If you want to see the Lego McLaren Senna in person it will be making a tour at various events throughout the year.

Although, you can always build your own smaller version as there is a Speed Champions McLaren Senna Lego set available.

Additionally, I am holding out hope that Lego may be working on a Technic McLaren Senna set in the near future!

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