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Monsters, Inc. - Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru

Published on Sat, Dec 19, 2020

By: Glenn Oyoung

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru in Ontario features Monster Trucks, life-sized Hot Wheels Vehicles, and more - all while offering a great family-friendly experience.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru

Before the lockdown, we used to be strict about screen time, bedtime, and other time-related facets of our children’s lives. No longer. Let he who is without screens cast the first stone. How, then, to safely pull the kids out of the house and get them to look at their physical surroundings? Two words: Hot Wheels. Two more: Monster Trucks!

A life-sized Rip Rod Hot Wheels Car was one of many unique vehicles at the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru
A life-sized Rip Rod Hot Wheels Car was one of many unique vehicles at the Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru.

The good people at Mattel threw me a parental lifeline in the form of the “Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru” at the Toyota Arena in Ontario. We arrived at sundown, which is the time I highly recommend. The show cars and monster trucks look fantastic lit up at night, as do the three light tunnels you drive through over the one-mile course.

A life-sized Twin Mill Hot Wheels car was on display
A life-sized Twin Mill Hot Wheels car was also on display.

Adult and kid fans alike will love the chance to see over 50 life-size Hot Wheels Vehicles and Monster Trucks up close and personal. Iconic Hot Wheels like the Deora II, Twin Mill, Rip Rod, and Bone Shaker are fan favorites. Star Wars-inspired show cars make a cameo, as do past SEMA show cars, drag racers, and a highly-modded golf kart cranking out 1000 hp+.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru

The star of the show is, of course, the original Monster Truck, BIGFOOT®. The BIGFOOT® fleet is on display, including BIGFOOT®#5, which sits on massive 10-foot tall tires. The kids (and yours truly) had no problems putting the tablets down to stare at this extraordinary machine. There were plenty of Monster Trucks to enjoy, including a truck for each of our zodiac signs (Tiger, Snake, Dragon. Who knew that was a thing!?!), a robot dinosaur truck, a police truck, a tank truck, and so much more.

The star of the show: Bigfoot® #5
The star of the show: Bigfoot® #5

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru is open weekdays and weekends at Toyota Arena parking lot through January 2nd. Tickets range from $45-60 and include a Hot Wheels 3-Car Pack with purchase. While that may sound steep to some, consider that we spent about an hour enjoying the cars and trucks and had a great time bonding – with no WiFi needed! I consider that a good deal.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru

For more event information and to purchase tickets, visit 

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