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NFL Draftee Tee Higgins Makes Generous Donation of Hot Wheels to Boys & Girls Club

Published on Fri, Apr 24, 2020

By: Glenn Oyoung

2020 NFL Draft top prospect Tee Higgins partners with Hot Wheels to donate to the Boys & Girls Club of Greenville, South Carolina.

Leading into Day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft, all eyes are on the best players still available. Clemson Tiger wide receiver Tee Higgins is widely thought to go early in the next round. No matter when he is snatched up, he’s already #1 in my book for his taste in toys and his generous heart.

Higgins has partnered with none other than Hot Wheels to donate a whopping $5,000 of toys to the  Boys & Girls Club in Greenville, South Carolina. It turns out Higgins’ football career got its jump-start thanks to his aunt’s effective motivational technique: for every two touchdowns he scored, he received a Hot Wheel. That’s so good I’m copying that with my girls!

Tee Higgins donates $5,000 of Hot Wheels to his local Boys & Girls Club
Tee Higgins donates $5,000 of Hot Wheels to his local Boys & Girls Club

Higgins grew up with Hot Wheels as Tee’s aunt bribed him with Hot Wheels die-casts for every two touchdowns he scored to get him to wear his football pads in the Tennessee heat. This method created a deep connection between Hot Wheels and his football career from a young age. Tee has gone on to be one of the top college recruits across the country. He is projected to be a first-round pick later this week, embodying the same challenger spirit that’s beloved by Hot Wheels fans.

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“It has always been my dream to play in the NFL and take care of my family as well as my community. Giving back to the youth in the community is a priority for me and appreciate Mattel for working with us to do so,” said Higgins. “I’m excited to hopefully spread some motivation and positivity to the local kids during this unknown time.”

On behalf of the team at LA Car, we congratulate Tee on all of his success and most importantly on his generous spirit and desire to do good for the most vulnerable in his community during this difficult time. Whatever team picks him up will be picking up a true leader with some fans on the West Coast!

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