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“One More Win” Gains Recognition at Breck Film Festival

Published on Wed, Sep 16, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

“One More Win” details the life of Rod Hall, a pioneer of the 1,000-mile race down the Baja peninsula.

The grueling reality of desert endurance racing is about to earn a bit more attention. “One More Win”, a documentary by Amy Lerner, chronicles the life of Rod Hall, a racer who helped establish the 1,000-mile desert race down the Baja peninsula. The film is eligible for a win at the 2020 Breck Film Fest.

Hall ended his 50-year career with a final Baja 1000 race, battling ailing health on his 80th birthday. Hall was recently recognized by Guinness World Records for amassing the most class wins in the brutal desert race.

Rod Hall's Ford Bronco
Rod Hall's Ford Bronco

“As a first-time filmmaker, I didn’t grasp how long the process would be to bring a film to the public and, then when we were ready, COVID hit,” explained Lerner, who met and trained with Hall in 2011, when Lerner was preparing for an off-road rally in Morocco. Hall’s mentorship and friendship inspired Lerner to work on the documentary.

“I was fortunate to bring in some very talented people to work on the film, including film and TV veterans Richard Heeley, Robert Angelo, Rupert Smith and Iain Greenway.  What I expected to be a biography wrapped around a quest for a racing record became a dramatic and very personal film, when Rod learned he would face a challenge unlike any he had ever faced. It became an almost heroic effort for Rod to face down health challenges and beat time in the quest to reach a personal goal, but also to cement a legacy via his granddaughter Shelby Hall and not let down family, friends and a world of fans,” remarked Lerner.

The team behind "One More Win".
The team behind "One More Win".

“One More Win” has earned awards and recognition from seven film festivals. The Breck Film Fest is known for celebrating unique and varied independent films since 1981. For 2020, the festival will offer a virtual screening that will be eligible for audience awards, found here:

Screenings of “One More Win” will run September 18 – October 4 at

Rod Hall was a founding member of the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF), and was inducted in 2005. The film also features twelve other ORMHOF inductees.

In the 53 years since Hall’s ’67 run down the Baja 1000 in a Jeep, this legendary race remains North America's biggest off-road event and there’s only one man who raced it every single year for five decades. In a sport where over half who enter a race don't even finish, Hall didn’t just race, he won and finished his career with more than 200 wins. This icon faced his toughest challenge at 80-- to make it to the race and set a record that will never be broken. This is the story of a legend, a legacy and the fight for “One More Win”.

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