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The Big Orange Comes To Town

Published on Fri, Oct 5, 2018

By: Roy Nakano

Orange County International Auto Show

The Orange County International Auto Show is the first one of the season and one of the shorter shows, this year taking place over a long weekend in early October. Replete with interactive displays and brimming with new car excitement; the OC event also featured a slew of actual test drives for the more motivated show visitors.

Billing itself (honest!) as: “The 8th Largest Show in the Country”**, this one always feels like visiting the very biggest car mall in the country; and features the event promoter, Motor Trend Shows’ signature “road carpets” that lead attendees through the show up, around, and past all the shiniest and newest of the new.

You can vertically challenge a Jeep on an indoor off-road course at the OC Show (Albert Wong)

Not a lot of huge “world introductions” here (in fact none) but a great (low pressure, fast food, free ballpoint pens, really shiny cars, slick presenters replete with optional musical accompaniment, and a talking robot or two) experience that always draws a crowd to the OC Show in Anaheim.

Our “fastest snapper”, Orange County-based photographer Albert Wong, was there for opening day and got us the wide array of cool shots of the show that follow this intro.

OK … Have fun, “stroll” through this virtual show tour (we always suggest sensible shoes for the real thing, here you can peruse the fleet in your argyles should you choose) and maybe pick out a couple machines that you need to study on further up close at your local dealership. When you do, please tell them that your journey to their place started here at LACar. –DS

Orange County International Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center in October of 2018

Story by Doug Stokes
Photographs by Albert Wong*

For more information about the show, go to

*Our gallery of photographs by Albert Wong on the Orange County International Auto Show is also available on the LACar Facebook site.
**As of press time no list of the 7 auto shows that are larger than the OCIAS was provided to LACar.

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