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Petersen Automotive Museum: Week in Review

Published on Sun, Dec 27, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

The Petersen Automotive Museum had a busy week on their YouTube channel, and we’ll get you up to speed.

The Petersen Museum continues to survive throughout the COVID era thanks to its commitment to virtual tours. The museum has released countless virtual concours, tours, and other events in 2020, and is continuing to do so through the rest of the year.

The Petersen released 5 excellent videos on their YouTube channel this week, ranging from a virtual Porsche concours to a video on the very first Ferrari. We’ll cover these videos so you can get back up to speed!

Inside the Exclusive RM Car Collection | RM Sotheby’s Garage Tour

The Petersen Museum's exclusive tour of RM Sotheby's Garage
The Petersen Museum's exclusive tour of RM Sotheby's Garage


The Petersen Museum was invited to tour the RM Sotheby's garage to take viewers behind-the-scenes for an in-depth overview of some extremely rare machinery, including a 1961 Alfa Romeo Zagato, two unique Shelby Cobras, a Series 1 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina and much more. 

Join classic car specialist Alex Weaver for a virtual tour of RM Sotheby’s remarkable car collection in Southern California. 

From rare meticulously-restored early Porsches to Shelby Cobras with bodies made completely of copper, this virtual tour offers some amazing history and interesting facts on cars you can’t see anywhere else.

Watch this garage tour and other garage tours on the Petersen YouTube channel.

We Found the Very First Ferrari | 1947 Ferrari 125S


Are you a Ferrari fan? Join our Chief Historian, Leslie, for a walk around of one of the rarest and most valuable Ferrari's in existence. Leslie teaches you what makes a car so valuable, and what makes this particular Ferrari worth upwards of 8 Figures. This one of two, 1947 Ferrari 125 S, is considered one of the first badged Ferrari. This vehicle has Enzo's famous V12 which was rare for its time as in 1947 Ferrari was one of the last manufacturers to put a V12 into the market. The hand-milled engine and handcrafted body show the elite craftsmanship of Enzo and his team. What may look like a simple design by our standards, the 1947 Ferrari 125 S was way ahead of its time both in terms of engineering and design.

Supercharged 1933 Duesenberg | America’s Most Luxurious Car


In a time where the average yearly wage was only a few hundred dollars, a Duesenberg could cost upwards in the tens of thousands and were some of the most expensive cars in the world. Duesenbergs were also one of the most luxurious and powerful vehicles of its day. With a body built by Murphy of Pasadena, California and a 420 cubic inch supercharged engine delivering 400 horsepower, this car lived up to the saying that Duesenberg drivers get passed when they wish to get passed. Join our chief historian Leslie Kendall for a deep dive on the history and prestige of this 1933 Duesenberg SJ.

Ultimate Custom Car Time Capsule | Kip Cyprus Garage Tour


Travel back into the Fifties as we take a tour of Kip Cyprus’s garage full of early 50s and lead sled custom cars! Kip showcases three of his favorite customs. His 1950 Pontiac Chieftain comes with the original straight-eight 108 hp motor and sits exactly as it did on the showroom floor. At $2,000 new, this Pontiac was part of the last run cars that came with a light-up Indian hood ornament. Paying homage to America’s first V8 that hit the market is Kip’s Oldsmobile Rocket 88 V8. The same engine that is spotlighted in his garage, is shown again in his authentic 1950 Rocket 88 Oldsmobile. This lead sled comes with the era four carb intake manifold with four individual fuel injectors. Finally, Kip shows a 1951 Mercury that embodies the James Dean style Merc. Sitting on bags for a low ride height and a fuel injector motor that replicates a Dually motor, this garage tour showcases customized America classics along with the culture behind custom lead sleds. This is custom car heaven!

2020 Porsche Concours Debut | Petersen Virtual Car Show

The Petersen Museum's Virtual Porsche Concours
The Petersen Museum's Virtual Porsche Concours


Join the Petersen Automotive Museum for the inaugural Virtual Porsche Concours. The event will feature nearly 100 Porsches from enthusiasts around the world, who will be participating virtually from their personal garages. The virtual event will be streamed live on the museum’s official YouTube page and will be emceed by American race car driver and car dealer Bruce Canepa, who will introduce the Concours and give viewers an exclusive look at his original Porsche RSR. The Concours will conclude with three vehicles being presented with the Petersen Perfection, Best in Show, and People’s Choice awards. A team of experts will determine the winners, and the physical awards will be mailed to the winners.

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