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The COVID Effect on Automotive Trade Shows

Published on Mon, Sep 21, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

With both the PRI Show and SEMA Show cancelled this year because of COVID-19, attention is being focused towards the online automotive market.

We’ve all been let down by the cancellations of various automotive events this year. Car shows, automotive festivals, races, conventions, you name it. Notably, the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI Show) and SEMA have both been cancelled because of virus precautions.

It presents an interesting question. Where do dedicated motorsports enthusiasts go for their parts? Trade shows are great because they offer demos and new products all in one place for people to browse. You can’t buy specialty parts just anywhere.

There is a solution.

Epartrade offers countless high-performance parts within their marketplace.
Epartrade offers countless high-performance parts within their marketplace.

Epartrade is an online trade show, boasting a massive array of specialty part manufacturers that you can browse easily from your home. This online platform could become the future of the motorsports market.

"The worldwide racing industry needs a safe place to introduce new products for 2021, but one that has a proven track record of success," said Francisque Savinien, founder of EPARTRADE. "We have had hundreds of racing industry companies successfully introducing their new technology on our digital platform for over two years now.” 

"We are ready to do everything we can to get the industry through this horrible year of the pandemic by providing what is essentially a trade show experience online, combined with live tech webinars. And it is available immediately, worldwide" continued Savinien. 

EPARTRADE developed a very successful webinar program this year through its EPARTRADE LIVE! series, and announced earlier this summer, Online Race Industry Week, a jam-packed week of tech and business webinars, November 30 through December 4, in partnership with Buyers in attendance will be directed to go to EPARTRADE for the 2021 New Product Introductions. 

"Everything is in place for buyers and suppliers to connect directly within the EPARTRADE platform," said Judy Kean, co-founder of EPARTRADE. "The future of sourcing racing technology is here now." 

Epartrade is essentially an online automotive trade show
Epartrade is essentially an online automotive trade show

EPARTRADE is a robust digital platform designed with proprietary technology to make sourcing race technology easier, cheaper, faster, and more productive.

On EPARTRADE, hundreds of Pro Account Suppliers have built out their showcases with new racing products, most popular racing products, technical papers, technical videos and more.

EPARTRADE has essentially organized the racing industry online, putting 25,000+ racing organizations at your fingertips. Buyers shop for free. They just have to register and sign in.  

"You can use it 24/7, worldwide. It's as close as your computer. No air travel expenses, no hotel expenses. Exhibitors don't have to rent carpet or booth furniture or ship booth displays. EPARTRADE is the racing industry's answer—today and tomorrow," said Kean.  “And for suppliers, it is very easy to upgrade to a Pro Account, where they can build out their showcase presentation similar to creating their exhibit presence in a live, in-person event and it's very affordable to get started, with prices starting at just $139 per month," Kean explained.

John Kilroy, EPARTRADE's chief of content and audience development, said, "Everybody at EPARTRADE loves exhibiting in the SEMA and PRI Shows. However, the racing industry needs a proven, online option right now, and that's EPARTRADE"

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