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Toyota Donates $500,000 To COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Published on Wed, Mar 25, 2020

By: The LACar Editorial Staff

Toyota’s donation goes to benefit the United Way across 13 states to help with food, water, childcare and other emergency relief needs.

During these precarious times, it’s easy for us to overlook the do-gooders in the world. For many of us, the communities we live in become our rock. Toyota has now strengthened communities across the country thanks to a generous $500,000 donation to the United Way. These donations will help fund efforts to provide food and water to folks affected by the unrecognizable societal changes prompted by COVID-19.

Below is the list of communities receiving a portion of the Toyota donations.

$500,000 donation to the United Way:

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (Plano, Texas)

  • $50,000.00 to The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, Inc. (Huntsville)

  • $25,000.00 to The United Way of Madison County
  • In-kind donation of 60 safety glasses

Toyota Financial Services Customer Service Center West (Chandler, Arizona)

  • $25,000.00 to The Mesa United Way

Toyota Auto Body Corporation (TABC) (Long Beach, Calif.)

  • $25,000.00 to The United Way Los Angeles

Toyota Financial Services Customer Service Center Central (Cedar Rapids)

  • $25,000.00 to The United Way East Central Iowa

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. (Princeton)

  • $50,000.00 to The United Way of Southwestern Indiana
  • In-kind donation of material to make face masks

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. (Georgetown)

  • $50,000.00 to The United Way of the Bluegrass
  • In-kind donation of 2,000 N-95 masks and 250 safety glasses

Toyota Financial Services Customer Service Center East (Owings Mills)

  • $25,000.00 to The United Way Central Maryland

Toyota Motor North America, Inc., Research & Development (Ann Arbor)

  • $50,000.00 to The United Way Washtenaw County (Michigan)
  • In-kind donation of 4,315 gloves; 2,000 cotton swabs; 1,903 surgical masks; 100 N-95 masks; 3 face shields

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc. (Blue Springs)

  • $50,000.00 to The United Way of Northeast Mississippi

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri, Inc. (Troy)

  • $25,000.00 to The United Way of Greater St. Louis

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee, Inc. (Jackson)

  • $25,000.00 to The United Way of West Tennessee

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc. (San Antonio)

  • $50,000.00 to The United Way of San Antonio & Bexar County

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia, Inc. (Buffalo)

  • $25,000.00 to The United Way of Central West Virginia
  • In-kind donation of 50 N-95 mask and 50 safety glasses

Toyota Racing Development (Costa Mesa, Calif.)

  • In-kind donation of 65 P95 masks

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