Forget traditional lunar-mobiles, carve up moon craters in a stylish Lexus lunar craft.

Lexus Cosmos, by Jean-Baptiste Henry

Moon walking appears to be irrelevant in the future. Lexus has drawn up some wild moon-trekking concept vehicles. If you really think about it, there aren’t any traffic laws up there. Imagine a giant vehicular playground. Picture the jumps. Low gravity would make for some truly insane air.

Bouncing Moon Roller, by Julien Marie

Lexus has contributed these concepts to a magazine called Document Journal as part of their featured Lunar Design Portfolio. Document Journal embraces art and fashion, and invited many compelling architects to present lunar design ideas based off the following questions: How shall we live? What will it look like? What will we wear? What will we drive?

Lexus Lunar Cruiser, by Keisuke Matsuno

ED² answered the call. The European Advanced Design Studio for Toyota and Lexus is dedicated to advanced concepts and rule-shattering designs and has presented some other-worldly lunar concepts. ED² compiled a total of seven concepts from five different designers, offering an encapsulating series of space vehicles fitted for the landscapes of the moon.

Zero Gravity, by Karl Dujardin

The concept that has been chosen to appear in the print issue of the magazine is called Zero Gravity (pictured above). Lexus states that the single-rider vehicle operates on Magnetic Levitation and has been designed to sport the signature Lexus spindle grille. The motorcycle-style driving motion employs a concept called Tazuna (“reins” in Japanese). The bond between a horse and its rider – or in this case, a driver and its levitating moon motorcycle – is embraced in this concept, displaying the driving enjoyment created by direct communication between human and machine.

Lexus Lunar, by Yung Presciutti

Ian Cartabiano, President of ED², said: “When Document Journal approached us about the Lunar Design Portfolio, our team was working on the LF-30 Concept, which represents the “Lexus Electrified” futuristic vision for Lexus. The design team was already looking beyond near-term production and ahead to how advanced technology will change the way we interact with vehicles. The lunar project came at the right time, halfway through the LF-3o development. It gave the team a chance to dream further out, and then apply some of the design language from the LF-30 interior to their lunar proposals.”

Lexus Lunar Mission, by Yung Presciutti

Whatever the future holds, it is refreshing to see experimental design in the automotive world, no matter how outlandish they are. While personal moon-trekking likely has no logical niche, its always good to let the imagination run free.

Lexus Moon Racer, by Yung Presciutti