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Race Industry Week - COMING UP SOON!

The logo / poster for the virtual event hosted by Epartrade and, dubbed Online Race Industry Week

Finally a trade-show that you're invited to!

Epartrade invites LACar readers to listen in and enjoy their week-long online trade-convention - Nov 29th - Dec 3rd

By Doug Stokes

Sat, Nov 13, 2021 11:32 AM PST

Our best guess here is that you’ve not only heard of some of the big trade shows that go on in the automotive world (like "SEMA" and "PRI") and that you’d like to be a bit more "inside" with what goes on - you know, the latest trends and what’s next … especially on the performance side of the road. But both of those shows (as wonderful as they are) are "trade-only". That means you must be in the business in order to attend, as well as travel to Las Vegas in early November and/or Indianapolis in December.

But wait … Now here's a very interesting alternative! One that you can enjoy, and learn from, right from the comfort of your own home:

2nd Annual Online Race Industry Week

We asked our friends at Epartrade and Racer Magazine (the people who made lemonade out of lemons this past year when Covid shut down all the in-person fun) if it would be alright if we invited our users to "listen in" and monitor the live conversations, talks, and other presentations. These feature top people from the performance industry, in conversation about the business and it’s future.

a flyer of sorts for the Online Race Industry Week trade show, with images from the presenters from 2020.
The Online Race Industry Week trade show, with images of presenters/participants.

These are not sales pitches, in fact far from it. They’re insider stories, notes, interviews with the people who make, market, and use high-performance automotive products. These are professional meetings, geared for the business, but very listenable and informative as well for people who want to know better and more about the business. Perhaps that's you?

Of course, these webinars are not for everyone. Please take a look at last year's event to see if this is something that might pique your interest this year, and check out this year's event page. If it sounds like something that you’d like to have listening access to, you are invited to attend - for free. Sign up here - and put "LACar" on the "organization" line and you’ll be given all the tune-in details.

You know what, even if you packed you stuff and traveled to Indy or ‘Vegas you couldn’t listen to all of these amazing people if you tried. This is a unique opportunity for an insider tour at the performance side of the automotive world. Drop in and get the latest from the best… and please tell them that LACar sent you.

About The Author

Doug Stokes's profile picture

Doug Stokes

Doug has a long and wide-ranging history in the motoring business. He served five years as the Executive Director of the International Kart Federation, and was the PR guy for the Mickey Thompson's Off-Road Championship Gran Prix. He worked racing PR for both Honda and Suzuki and was a senior PR person on the first Los Angeles (Vintage) Grand Prix. He was also the first PR Manager for Perris Auto Speedway, and spent over 20 years as the VP of Communications at Irwindale Speedway. Stokes is the recipient of the American Autowriters and Broadcaster’s 2005 Chapman Award for Excellence in Public Relations and was honored in 2015 by the Motor Press Guild with their Dean Batchelor Lifetime Achievement Award. “… I’ve also been reviewing automobiles and books for over 20 years, and really enjoy my LA Car assignments.” he added.

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