The Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition harkens back to the legendary #46 BRE 240Z multi-champion race car.

2020 will mark 50 years since the Datsun 240Z was released and changed the landscape of the sportscar market. It is crazy to think that the Z car has been around for five decades! It is more staggering to know that even today, the 240Z is just as, if not more popular today than it was back then.

To celebrate, the 2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition was revealed at the New York Auto Show. As you can see, the Anniversary Edition‘s graphic livery is a throw-back to the aforementioned BRE 240Z race car from the ’70s. Though it doesn’t stop there. There is “50th Anniversary” badging on the rear and decals surrounding each fender light.

The theme continues inside as the interior is decked out in a custom color scheme to match the exterior livery. The seats are also custom upholstered with the 50th Anniversary Edition logo. Of course, there are the obligatory badged floor mats as well. Finally there is one more badge just in front of the gear shifter.

Unfortunately, apart from the livery and badges the Anniversary Edition is mechanically the same as a “typical” 370Z.

I was hoping Nissan would at least give the 50th Anniversary Edition 370Z the same specs as a NISMO Z. Apparently that wasn’t in the cards for this birthday party.

The 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition looks great but I really think this car deserves a bit more than provided.

Nissan has not mentioned if this is a limited edition car so it may not be that hard to come by. However, if you’re interested I would suggest acting fast anyway.