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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Los Angeles

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We're almost through this pandemic (right?), but until we're totally in the clear - go to the movies in your car.

Drive-in theaters are a nostalgic and unique flashback to simpler times. Luckily for us, L.A. boasts some of the best drive-in theaters in the country.

By The Editors

Fri, May 7, 2021 09:00 AM PST

Drive-In Theaters enjoyed a brief surge in popularity thanks to COVID-19’s social distancing rules and the temporary closure of traditional movie theaters. Unfortunately, most drive-ins closed too..! Now that we're reopening, show them some love and go see a movie or two. Drive-ins are still a fantastic date idea.

Mission Tiki Drive-In (Montclair)

Sporting a tribal tiki theme this is a four-screen drive-in theater with two movies per screen per night. Furthermore, their swapmeet is open again - Wednesdays and Friday-Sunday! Obviously there are some Covid-related restrictions for both movie-goers and swapmeet-visitors, so check their website for the latest info.

Van Buren Drive-In Theater (Riverside)

The Van Buren has expanded to four screens since its inception in 1964. Since then, it has become the highest-grossing drive-in anywhere in California. The theater shows a nice mix of current movies and flaunts an old-style California theme.

Vineland Drive-In (City of Industry)

The Vineland Drive-In boasts four screens and shows a variety of new releases. To get any sound for your movie, an FM radio is needed. Don’t have one? Rentals are available at the snack bar for $10 a night. Might as well grab some popcorn and candy while you’re up there!

Electric Dusk Drive-In (Glendale & Santa Monica)

Electric Dusk Drive-In is expanding and is now available in two different locations. They have a wide assortment of movies on their schedule. Also, they do private events, maybe it's time for a drive-in theater to pop up in your drive-way?

Paramount Drive-In (Paramount)

The Paramount has reopened after a 22-year hiatus with two massive 75-foot screens equipped with Barco Digital projection and Dolby Digital radio sound. The food menu has been expanded and the drive-in is particularly clean. The Paramount has definitely earned its place as one of the most popular drive-ins in LA!

This article was compiled by the editors of LACar.

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