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What is the Infiniti QX60?

Is the Infiniti QX60 a ginormous SUV like the Suburban? No. Is it a full size SUV with three rows? Kinda, depending on how you define full-size.

By J-F Wright

Thu, Apr 4, 2024 10:22 PM PST

Interior images by the author, edited by Erica Wright. Exterior images courtesy Inifiniti USA.

The Infiniti QX60 is a really nice car - both inside and out. Infiniti themselves define the QX60 as a “seven-passenger crossover SUV”. On their website they go on to define their QX80 as a “seven-passenger fullsize SUV”. Yeah, the QX80 is obviously larger, but the QX60 is plenty big.

Our Infiniti QX60 is the autograph edition/trim and has a myriad of features included - to indulge each and every one of your senses. I’m not a hundred percent sold on the infotainment system - especially the map and navigation - as it looks and feels a bit old-school.


The interior of the Infiniti QX60 is really nice.. as mentioned this is the autograph edition, and it does have a lot of bling that may or may not be available in the other trim levels - there’s a lot of details throughout the interior that really make it pop. The seats have diamond stitching and coupled with a bunch of other fancy looking features, these seats do look really good. Not only nice-looking, the front seats of the Infiniti QX60 are comfortable too! And, of course, they’re heated and cooled as well.

interior of the Infiniti QX60
Luxurious seats - I especially like all the details worked into the the design of the seats.

The second row captain chairs share the designer details with the front seats. It’s back in the second row where it’s noticeable that this is not a ginormous (aka full-size) SUV. Between the two mid-row seats there’s room for two cupholders, one in front of the other, but that’s it. In the larger SUVs you have space for two cup holders abreast and/or enough space to actually walk between the two captain seats - in the QX60 you do not. With that said the captain chairs in the second row of the QX60 are really nice for both kids and adults.

With the third row folded up and in use, you do lose a whole bunch of trunk space - actually to the level that you really don’t have much trunk space to talk about at all. The third row seat in itself is meant for two people, making the QX60 that we are reviewing a six-person automobile - there is the option to have three seats in the middle row (sans the cupholders) which would up the total number of seats to seven.

rear seats in the Infiniti QX60
The second row captain chairs are just as good-looking as the up front.

The third row is mainly for younger individuals. I wouldn’t want to sit back there for any lengthy drives. As for my kids, they love the ability to spread out, so that third row is always in use… Except if we are shopping - a Costco run takes up more space than what remains of the trunk when the third row is up.

Sound System

The Bose sound system in our test vehicle is a Bose Performance Series system. It definitely does a good job at re-creating music in a pleasurable way. Does it compare to some of the ultra-high-end audio systems available in other luxury autos? For the untrained ear, almost. I am missing a little bit of that extra over-the-top audio experience, that feeling that the artist is sitting on your steering wheel. And unfortunately, for the very low bass notes, I’m hearing some vibration noises coming from either the speaker or the door, neither of which should be there. But, then again, this is a 17-speaker system - I shouldn’t be comparing it to the bleeding edge systems with 20, or even 30, speakers.

the navigation system in the Infiniti QX60
The look and feel of the navigation system is a bit dated, don't you think?

Listening to music at a level that will vibrate stuff in your car is definitely not good for your ears, so the average person who is not performing a one-off test of the speakers will thoroughly enjoy the audio system in the QX60. It is really good.

For info, one of the songs that I use to test audio systems is “Acoustic” by Billy Raffoul. Not only is the song names “Acoustic”, but I also opt for the acoustic version of it. I want the acoustic version because I want to see how close I get to feeling that Billy himself is sitting in front of me singing. Furthermore, this song has two really deep bass notes and when they hit it’s very easy to hear if there is something vibrating or not quite right with the sound system.

Center Console

The center console has an interesting haptic touch to it. There aren’t really any buttons - it’s more just one large surface with button-like lights shining through from underneath it. When you touch one of these “buttons”, it feels like you’re actually moving the entire outermost plastic plate - mainly because you are moving the entire thing. Interestingly it knows where you’re pushing and it gives you a haptic feedback to indicate that it has registered your touch. Then you see the applicable light - aka button - turn orange to tell you that you’ve managed to toggle on whatever feature you just hit.

interior of the 2024 Infiniti QX60
Note the lack of physical button on the cener dashboard - all the buttons are behind one see-through facade.

The center dashboard where you’d see your speed and RPM is all digital, but the design of the speedometer and the tachometer is not quite as futuristic as I was expecting. Yes, you can customize it to some degree and customize what details you see, but I guess I’ve gotten spoiled by some of the luxury brands that have done all kinds of nifty design-stuff within the dashboard display.

Head-up Display

The head-up display is, as usual, one of the best things since sliced bread. So great is a head-up display that I don’t spend much time looking at anything else - all the info I need is projected in front of the car, right where I should be looking anyway. The heads up display will show navigation, driving assistance systems, speed limit, entertainment information, and much more.

Driving Characteristics

There are a couple of driving modes to choose from in the Infiniti QX60. “Snow” mode does what the name hints at. Eco-mode as well. Then there’s “auto”, “sport”, and “personal”.

Usually I let cars be in the auto mode to see how it adjusts, and what it can do for me. The QX60, in my opinion, is a bit slow to shift and kind of slow off the line. Not that the QX60 is under-powered in any way, but it just doesn’t have the oomph that I want, nor does it understand that I want to go now Like now! But, stick it in sport mode and things tighten up, it seems to listen more to my commands.

exterior of the Infiniti QX60
The Infiniti QX60 is definitely smoooooth-looking.

Infiniti, being Nissan’s luxury brand, is expected to have power and luxury - and the driving characteristics to back both up. The QX60 is no exception, it handles really well. You can tool around town, through roundabouts and what not, without really feeling much sway or roll in any direction. Tight, yet comfortable. Stable and safe - through pretty much anything you throw at it… Obviously I take into account that this is a rather large car, hence it doesn’t handle like a sports car - because it’s not.

Is there enough power to get going when getting on the freeway? Yes the 295 horsepower 3.5-liter V6 has enough juice, but I was expecting even more from an Infiniti.


The exterior of the Infiniti QX60 is definitely an Infiniti. That said, Infiniti seems to, like most other automotive brands, have adopted the very thin headlights on top of a large grille. The Infiniti QX60 is no exception.

exterior of the Infiniti QX60
The QX60 feels just as at home downtown as in suburbia - and out on the countryside.

The fact that the Infiniti emblem on the grille lights up is really a nice added touch. Of course there are plenty of brands and vehicles that do this, but it is, nonetheless, a nice touch.

Infiniti QX60 is definitely not ginormous, and on US streets it looks like an overgrown station wagon. And I say that in loving way, I love station wagons!

The front grille of the QX60 is proportionate to the car. That may be a weird thing to put in print, but not if you think about how a lot of other vehicles are overdoing their front grille. You know, the massive grilles that take up the entire front section of the car, giving it a totally different feeling from what this Infiniti has. The Infiniti QX60 resembles a classy car - which is exactly what it is - rather than some over-the-top aggressiveness displayed primary through the massive front grille.

exterior of the Infiniti QX60
The Infiniti QX60 looks ready for whatever adventure your family life throws at it.


I like the Infiniti QX60. As a father of three, I like the fact that we have space on board for everyone - although I don’t really like the fact that we lose pretty much all of our trunk space when the third row is in use. For the family of four who want to be able to take someone along in their car every now and then, the QX60 would do fine. If you find yourself always having to use the third row you might need to think a bit about your trunk needs. Do you also haul stuff - with five people in the car? If so, the QX60 might be a bit too small.

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