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image of the Lexus TX outside a house with kids running towards it

What is a TX? And who’s it for?

A luxury family hauler - somewhere between a full-size SUVs and an overgrown station wagon.

By J-F Wright

Thu, Apr 18, 2024 11:26 PM PST

All images courtesy Lexus.

I can’t think if anything that makes the TX stick out. What sets it apart from all the other alternatives, as far as three-row vehicles go? But then again, does a Lexus really need to be set apart from the masses? It’s a Lexus, that in and of itself is enough to warrant a closer look.


Again, this is a Lexus, and the TX is Lexus’ take on what a three-row family hauler should be. Luxurious, of course. Sporty, sure. Spacious, check. Even with the third row in use? Yeah.

The interior of the Lexus TX checks all the boxes the family might have.

interior of a Lexus TX 350
The interior of the Lexus TX is clean and elegant.

If there’s just four of you (classic family situation, two adults and two kids… who has that setup nowadays anyway?) you’ll all be traveling comfortably. The second row consists of two captain seats, meaning that each occupant back there can spread out and feel at home. Also, it’s harder to smack your sibling, but that never happens now does it?

Now, if you happen to have three kids and a partner - like I do - you’ll need to raise up that third row whenever the entire family is coming with you. Is it large and comfortable for an adult? No, not really. I wouldn’t want to sit back there for any extended drives. But it definitely gets a thumbs up form my kiddos. And to add to the convenience, we are able to do a Costco-run with the third row in use - the trunk space is massive!

a 2024 Lexus TX with the trunk space full of luggage
The trunk can hold a lot, even with the third row in use.

The front occupants will settle nicely into the comfortable Lexus seats - both heated and cooled, mind you. Controls for the climate system are easy to navigate to, thanks to the quick-access button on the infotainment screen.

Speaking of the big screen, I’m always so glad to be driving anything from Toyota/Lexus equipped with their latest iteration of their infotainment system. Pretty much everything is easy to located and operate, and for the functions that you might want to get to quicker - like the exterior camera view, for instance - there’s a separate old-school button.

interior back row of the Lexus TX
The second row captain chairs are almost as comfy as the front seats.

Thou shalt not underestimate the power of a button, especially when it comes to features that you want to access quickly without having to navigate even the best laid out infotainment systems. My pet peeves is when the toggle to turn on the top-down view - a great feature by the way, equally awesome for driving nose-first into a parking spot as it is for backing in - is hidden a few clicks away. In that case it’s often easier to engage the reverse gear which will turn on the cameras - most new cars will keep the top-down view running when you then go back to “drive”. That’s a horrible solution, so I am most thankful that Toyota/Lexus seems to have gotten the memo and usually (always?) includes a separate button where you can quickly turn on the camera view.

third row in a Lexus TX
Third row is large enough for an adult - albeit for short trips. For kiddos, this is great!

As one last note on the interior, I have to mention the Mark Levinson audio system. Mark Levinson is always top-notch, this system is no exception. When your budget allows for it, always go with the best audio system option - your senses (ears, mainly) will thank you.


The buttons and controls on the steering wheel take some getting used to - but once you do, they are great. The largest of the buttons on either side of the steering wheel (ON the steering wheel that is) doesn’t really have any symbols to indicate what they do. Instead, you’ll see what they do when you touch them with your fingers. And when I say “see what they do” I’m not referring to the age-old “trial and error” approach. No.. When your thumb touches the button you’ll actually see where on the button you are and what a push on that particular spot would entail - all projected in your line of sight on the head-up display.

Speaking of head-up displays - what a wonderful feature! When folks ask me for car buying advice, and we are discussing features that are worth the extra bucks, I always mention the head-up display - given that it’s available on the vehicle(s) they are thinking abut buying. In the order of importance, my top three tech-features would be 1. Backup camera, preferably a top-down view; 2. Adaptive cruise control: and 3. A head-up display. The Lexus TX, of course, has all of these (and more!).

exterior of a Lexus TX
The Lexus TX will do well in downtown, suburbia, and on the country roads... A vehicle for all occasions.

The latest iteration of the Lexus safety and convenience package includes not only the adaptive cruise control - it adds to it with a myriad of other similar drive-enhancing features. Actually, these have been a part of the package for a while, but they just keep getting better. With all the safety features engaged, the Lexus TX will pretty much drive itself (although it doesn’t want to). The adaptive cruise control will keep you going, adjusting your speed to match that of the car up ahead and the active lane keep assist will steer for you - sit back and enjoy the ride (but keep you eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, or the Lexus will yell at you).

Driving Characteristics

As with all Lexus vehicles, the TX 350 is a joy to drive. It’s not overly exciting though, which I suspect the TX 500 or TX 550h+ are. The 275 horsepower turbocharged engine does fine - power and acceleration is adequate, but not much more than that. As this is a Lexus I was expecting more, but again, more can be had with the other engine options.

exterior of a Lexus TX in downtown
Elegant enough to drive to a classy night out, but still great for the day-to-day family driving as well.

The TX handles nicely - staying true to its Lexus heritage. Steering is precise and cornering is sharp, all the while staying stable and comfortable. As with any large vehicle, the TX won’t handle like a sports car, but as with any Lexus the TX gets as close as possible given its size. The fact that the TX isn’t all that tall - more station wagon that an SUV - helps keep body roll to a minimum and adds to the stability during rapid steering wheel inputs.


The exterior design of the Lexus TX actually makes it look a bit like a station wagon on steroids. And, just to let you know, the concept of a “station wagon” is a good thing in my mind. I think it’s unfortunate that the general (North American) public is so anti station wagons that the car manufacturers rebrand anything they sell as a station wagon to the rest of the world, and sell it as a crossover to us. I’ve digressed, the TX isn’t a station wagon by anyone’s standards - it just has that swooping look.

exterior of a Lexus TX
The rear of the Lexus TX is much more rounded, and subtle, than the front. Not at all as aggressive.

Other than the backlash I’ll get for using the sw-word (station wagon, that is) the exterior of the Lexus TX isn’t all that different from other Lexus’s. Obviously the TX has the standard flair of a Lexus, which in and of itself is both dramatic and stylish. The massive front grille and the accompanying thin headlights that define the face of a Lexus are prominent, boasting of grandeur. In the case of the TX the thin headlights are even more downward facing, frowning almost, giving the TX a bit more of an aggressive stance.

exterior of a Lexus TX
Road trip ready? Heck yes!

The rear of the Lexus TX sports sharp lines too. The rear light fixture traverses the entire rear of the vehicle as a solid red line of LEDs, connecting the main lights on each side of the vehicle. These rear lights actually give the TX a rounder, more elegant, appearance than the aggressiveness encountered up front might first elude to.


The Lexus TX 350 is not too much of anything. A joy to drive, but not a thrill. The power and acceleration is adequate, but not more than that. The TX is definitely a comfortable car, but it’s apparent that this is more of a family vehicle than a luxurious and sporty automobile. All in all it’s a really nice, solid car - albeit it doesn’t stick out with any one characteristic.. It’s “just” a really nice Lexus, which of course says a lot.

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